Cause of Enlarged Pores

Everyone has them, they cover our bodies and some are bigger than others. They keep the largest organ of our body healthy, lubricated and cool. They are our pores. Love or hate them, we all need them.
In this article we will cover:

  • What are pores?
  • What leads to enlarged pores?
  • How do I treat enlarged pores?

What are pores?

Pores, also known as sweat glands, are the small openings on our skin that allow our bodies to secrete fluids. These fluids, whether they are sweat or oil, help to keep us cool during hot days and they keep our skin hydrated and protected from the elements.

Pores cover our entire body and differ in size. Typically the smaller pores are located in areas that are less exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, that means the larger pores are located in areas we see every day all day.

What leads to enlarged pores?

Some factors that lead to enlarged pores are age & loss of elasticity, the sun, and genetics. As we get older, our bodies slow the production of Elastin. As the production of elastin slows, our skin begins to stretch and sag. While doing so, pores begin to look larger.

The sun also plays a role in enlarged pores. Over exposure to the suns’ ultraviolet rays cause damage to the elastin in our skin. Much like aging, this will cause skin to droop and make pores appear larger.

Finally we come to genetics. The color, type, and even the size of the pores on our skin is the result of our genetics. Unfortunately, that means genetically large pores are mostly unavoidable. Those born with oily or combination skin will naturally have larger pores than those born with dry skin.

How do I treat enlarged pores?

Pore Power Duo

Reducing the size of large pores means beating back the causes as best you can. While you can’t turn back time, you can treat your skin to maintain elastin and reduce dirt and oil which lead to clogged and ultimately larger pores.

While pore refining treatments will help reduce the size of pores, Dr. Perricone recommends treating your skin with his specially formulated Pore Power Duo. Consisting of his Intensive Pore Treatment and his Intensive pore minimizer, the Pore Power Duo will maintain the elastin in your skin and absorb oil. In addition, it will also exfoliate wax and dirt allowing your pores to reduce in size and become less noticeable.

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  1. I was able to get my hands on 5lbs of that clay, and at first I wasn’t very impressed (it felt very saimlir to egg white masks, and that never really helped me a lot), especially as they say it’s the strongest facial. But I gotta say, it really shrinks the acne, I’m finally back to normal again . They also say you can eat calcium bentonite clay to improve your skin, but the container says external use only , so I guess I’ll have to find edible clay .

  2. This is awesome, it rellay works! I use after That Gal, before You Rebel Lite and finish with Hello Flawless in Me, Vain. High Beam and Bad Gal Lash, Life on the A-List gloss and good to go!!

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