Intensive Moisture Therapy

Intensive Moisture TherapyIntensive moisture therapy, an emollient moisturizer is an excellent addition to morning and evening regimens. Formulated with Tocotrienols and DMAE Intensive moisture therapy was created to repair, firm and moisturize skin upon application.

In addition to DMAE and Tocotrienols, Intensive moisture therapy also is formulated with Phospholipids, which nourish and protect the skin. Intense enough to enhance the look of skin that has been damaged by physical or environmental changes, Intensive moisture therapy with phospholipids repairs overly dry and fatigued skin.


  • Nourishes and soothes overly dry and fatigued skin.
  • Provides superior moisture and encourages skin to behave more youthfully.
  • Helps to firm and tone skin that has lost elasticity.
  • Paraben-free.

In addition to moisturizing, Intensive Moisture Therapy enhances the texture and contours of the face while creating radiant and visibly healthy appearing skin.


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What’s the secret?

The ingredients of Intnsive Moisture therapy activate its powerful anti-aging benefits:

  • Tocotrienols – A superior form of vitamin E that deliver antioxidant and emollient benefits, Nourish and help repair sensitive or dry skin, Improve skin’s overall health and impart a vibrant and rosy glow
  • DMAE – Provides firming and toning benefits, Enhances facial contours, An anti-inflammatory that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Phospholipids (Phos E) – Repairs damaged skin, Hydrates and helps treat dry, fragile skin, Mimics the lipids found naturally in skin, allowing for quick absorption


Recent reviews


“I like everything about this product… it smells great, it leaves my skin feeling silky and incredibly soft, and it makes my skin look great.”

“Its thick and creamy, can feel and see a differnce after one use!.. Never put on my makeup with out it.”

“Perricone’s Intensive Moisture Therapy is perfect for winter dry skin. Rich without being heavy or oily. Love it!”

Intensive Moisture Therapy

Dr. Perricone’s Deep Moisture Therapy

Dr. Perricone's Deep Moisture TherapyDr. Perricone’s Deep Moisture Therapy is a luxurious, antioxidant-based cream rich in Tocotrienols designed to hydrate, nourish and repair skin suffering from dryness, lines, wrinkles and other free radical damage.

Free radical molecules assault us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, from smog & exhaust, from x-rays, TSA screenings and radiation from our laptops & smartphones. Studies indicate we are exposed to as many as 10,000 free radical “hits” a day.

Consumer review of Dr. Pericone's Deep Moisture TherapyFree radicals accelerate the aging process by breaking down the very structures of our cells as they hunt for the electrons they need to complete themselves.

When it comes to our skin, free radicals break down the collagens & elastins that provide the tautness, elasticity and vibrance we associate with healthy skin.

Consumer reviews of Deep Mositure Therapy by Dr. PerriconeTocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family, natural antioxidants well known for neutralizing the aging effects of free radical damage. As the core of this unique formulation, they help restore your skin’s youthful suppleness and work over time to smooth the appearance of imperfections & wrinkles.

Deep Moisture Therapy is antioxidant powerhouse that delivers an intense surge of soothing moisture nourishment to relieve dry, flaky skin. After the first application, skin feels smooth, velvety soft and the complexion is restored to a vibrant rosy glow. This cream’s anti-aging properties work overtime to minimize the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles.  It also acts as a great base, helping makeup glide on smoothly and evenly.

Dr. Perricone's Deep Moisture TherapyConsumer review of Deep Moisture Therapy
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