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Perricone MD – Acyl Glutathione

The Crease Cure with concentrates on the accelerated signs of aging, including deep lines and wrinkles, severe dryness, extreme loss of elasticity, and fragile, thin skin.

This product helps create visibly enhanced skin in a mere 30 days and can be used as both a corrective and preventative moisturizer.

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The Power Treatments

The Power TreatmentsImprove the over all health of your skin and be able to do it for a fraction of the cost with Perricond MDs’ new line called The Power Treatments.

Included in this bundle of skin care rejouvination products are none other than the new Formula 15, Blue Plasma, Vitamin C Ester 15, and a long time favorite the Acyl-glutathione eye lid serum.

At an affordable $98, starting this week, this bundle is an enourmous savings over the $227.50 retail the products in this bundle would cost if bought separately.

Results from consumer testing show that you can rely on the effectiveness of each and every one of these products. Since they are handpicked by Dr Perricone himself, you can be sure they will compliment one another perfectly.  Take a look at the chart below to see what some of the testing for each product showed


Formula 15
  • 81% demonstrated a measured improvement in their wrinkle length
  • 75% demonstrated a measured improvement in their wrinkle depth
Cold Plasma
  • 99% reported that their skin was soft and smooth.
  • 92% reported that their skin looked radiant and healthy.
Vitamin C Ester 15
  • 80% agreed that this product helped fix the roughness of their skin.
  • 80% agreed that their skin felt tighter and more toned.
Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum
  • 80% saw improvement in the appearance of dark circles.
  • 76% saw improvement in the appearance of creases above their eyes.


The Secrets revealed

The ingredients in each of product within the power program are crucial to maintaining your skin. Ingredients such as:

  • DMAE – helps to lift, tone and contour skin’s appearance.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Reduces pore size, puffiness, imperfections and uneven skin tone; Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration
  • Vitamin C Ester – A fat-soluble form of Vitamin C, it’s the ideal therapy for sun-damaged skin as it minimizes discoloration and brightens its appearance.
  • Acyl-Glutathione – replenishes glutathione levels that are rapidly lost through environmental factors and stress


Recent reviews


“Love Cold Plasma and in conjunction with Formula 15, I feel like my skin has never been so glowing and hydrated.”

“After the second night of using VCE15, my husband noticed that my skin was softer and smoother feeling.”

“What a powerhouse cream [Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum], have been using about 3 months and I am so pleased with the results. My deep 11 lines between my eyes are diminished and also the nose to mouth lines have greatly improved.”

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Blue Plasma Featured in US Weekly

US Weekly

Blue Plasma

Dr. Perricone has released a new daily peel, Blue Plasma, which is featured in the 1/21/13 issue of US Weekly list of 7 Unexpected Skin Saviors. It was noted as a favorite of HBO’s Girls actress Allison Williams, to use as a gentle exfoliate. Utilizing the power of Salmon Roe Enzyme and Copper, this cutting edge liquid is non-acidic and designed to provide the benefits of a traditional peel with our the irritation or redness.


  • It’s revolutionary Bio-specific Peeling will only attack dead skin cells.
  • It lifts pesky surface debris before it causes clogged pores, with micro-extraction  technology.
  • It unclogs your pores and purifies your skin of any build up and pollutants.
  • Using Hydro-fusion technology, it rebalances your skin’s hydration with enriched water.


  • Your skin looks like new after it is resurfaced with this powerful multi-tasker!
  • Achieve that youthful luxurious luminosity and glow you crave for your skin.
  • Reduced dryness with more hydrated skin.
  • See smoother looking skin as it plumps lines & wrinkles.
  • Reduce the appearance of large pores.


My new favorite product: Blue Plasma is definitely my new favorite product. I’ve been using it for several days now, and even my boyfriend has noticed that my skin is brighter and softer…I highly recommend this product whether you’re a fan of Perricone MD or just looking for a great product to add to your routine. Not drying and leaves my skin radiant.”

Amazing: Quick Take: perfecting, brightening

Let me first say that I hate products that do not do what they claim to do. This is NOT one of those products. It actually WORKS. I received a sample of this and have been using it nightly for three days. It was initially hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of a facial peel in the form of a daily serum, but after seeing the results it gives I am hooked. My skin is dramatically clearer, brighter, and more toned with absolutely zero bad side effects. I also realized that the full size version holds 2 oz., so it is quite economical per unit. All you need to know is that if you put this stuff on your face, you will look good!”


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The Complete Cold Plasma System

The time is now to begin your total skin transformation.  With The Complete Cold Plasma System, you’ll receive this trio of revolutionary products that will fight the 10 visible signs of aging, by providing nutrients essential to your skin. You’ll have firmer, healthier, younger looking skin, without the potentially damaging effects of parabens, sulfates, synthetics fragrances, or dyes.

Cold PlasmaFrom now until Tuesday, January 8th, 2013, you can take advantage of an exclusive offer to get this powerful system with a 60-day replenishment for only $265 (a $385 value). With 60-day replenishment, the items will automatically replenish every 60 days, at this exclusive price. And it’s simple to cancel or amend your shipping options anytime. But believe you, you’ll never want to cancel this product, as soon as you see the powerful and fast acting results.


What You Get

Cold Plasma Eye

This emollient cream-serum addresses the seven most visible signs of along around the eyes:

  • Fine Lines
  • Puffiness
  • Dark Circles
  • Redness
  • Loss of Elasticity
  • Loss of Hydration
  • Loss of Brightness

It absorbs quickly, drenching the delicate eye area to address these aging signs.  And it’s safe enough for this sensitive area, when applied to the orbital bone, directly where you need it most.


Cold Plasma

One of Dr. Perricone’s best-selling products that addresses the 10 visible signs of aging, Cold Plasma uses a patented deliver system with neuropeptides and DMAE.

Address the 10 visible signs of aging, whatever your skin type:

  • Wrinkles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Impurities
  • Loss of Firmness
  • Loss of Smoothness
  • Loss of Radiance

Consumer Study results reported 99% of participants said their skin was soft and smooth.  92% reported that their skin looked radiant and healthy, and 91% felt that their skin was infused with moisture.

Cold Plasma Sub-D

What’s the point of having youthful flawless looking skin on your face, if you don’t address the signs of an aging jawline, chin, and neck.  Within 45 days, consumer study participants reported 87% saw an improvement in the appearance of firmness of the neck area. 82% felt the appearance of their chin and jawline was more toned, tight, and firm, and 82% saw a decrease in the appearance of sagging (that pesky look of a double chin!)  This breakthrough treatment has been receiving rave reviews, the time is now to try it out for yourself.

You must act now to get this amazing exclusive deal! The Cold Plasma family has achieved several awards from top beauty magazines and organizations.  Get on the fast track to more youthful looking skin today!


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QVC Customer Choice Awards

QVC Customer choice awards

Recently QVC announced their nominees for the 2012 QVC Customer Choice awards. 6 products from Dr. Perricone were selected to participate in the awards. Listed are the categories followed by the products which you can vote for until Sept. 30th here

  • Skin-care Cleanser: Nutritive Cleanser
  • Face Moisturizer: Face Finishing Moisturizer
  • Eye Cream: Acyl-Glutathione Eyelid Serum
  • Neck Treatment/Cream: Firming Neck Therapy
  • Anti-Aging Treatment: Neuropeptide Facial Cream
  • Night Treatment: Vitamin C Ester 15
  • Beauty Oil: Chia Omega-3 Serum

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