Rosacea & Redness

Expert Sensitive Skin Care Tips for Anyone

Sensitive skin can affect anyone, and for any reason. Whether sensitive skin is a lifelong condition or one that comes and goes depending on the season, there is no reason to have to endure painful, easily irritated skin for a moment longer than you have to.

Sensitive skin is characterized by:

  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Stinging and burning

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Perricone MD – Pigment Corrective Topical (Discontinued)

Brown spots and hyper-pigmentation are a result of sun damage and chronological age. Improve the appearance of irregular pigmentation with Perricone Pigment Corrective, a safe and powerful treatment, that leaves skin absolutely radiant and glowing.

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Sensitive Skin: 4 Types and Treatments

Redness, flaking, blemishes, and irritation are all ways that sensitive skin can manifest, either alone or in combination. If you struggle with constant itching and redness, you probably devote a lot of time to finding a skin care regimen that treats your sensitive skin symptoms. However, it can be hard to tell which products will soothe your skin and which might make irritation worse. The best way to find products that treat and preserve your skin is to discover what causes your sensitivity problems. Your symptoms most likely come from from four types of sensitive skin issues. By identifying your symptoms, either alone or with a dermatologist, you can learn which types of skin care ingredients to avoid and which can help treat your sensitive skin. Read more »

Perricone MD – Cold Plasma

You’re an individual with unique skin care needs. Even if you and another person are both clinically healthy, one of you may need more of one type of nutrient than the other does. With this concept in mind, over the course of five years in collaboration with physicists at Los Alamos Laboratories, Dr. Perricone developed Cold Plasma, a revolutionary product to help enhance your current anti-aging routine through the power of biochemical individuality.

What is biochemical individuality, and how does this revolutionary product, Cold Plasma, work?

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Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product; suited for anyone, no matter how old your skin is, what your skin type is, or whether you’re male or female.

Cold Plasma works through a patented ionic (i.e. charged particles) suspension carrier system which allows for your skin to extract from Cold Plasma’s formula according to your individual, unique needs. This personalized system, called biochemical individuality, is a self-selection process charged by phospholipids, major cell membrane components. Phospholipids are fat derivatives which help lock in moisture, because phosopholipid bilayers have hydrophilic (attracted to water) heads facing outward and hydrophobic (mix poorly with water) tails facing inward toward each other. The phospholipids in this formula help direct needed nutrients where they can be effectively used through the cell membrane. This also means, if any of the ingredients aren’t needed, they just won’t be utilized.

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Cold Plasma works through this system to deliver optimal nutrition to skin cells to help skin achieve a healthy, glowing, youthful appearance.

It does so by helping combat the 10 signs of aging, which include:

  1. Firmness
  2. Elasticity
  3. Clarity
  4. Radiance
  5. Smoothness
  6. Texture
  7. Redness
  8. Blotchiness
  9. Fine lines and wrinkles
  10. Dryness

Beyond the unique delivery system, the key sciences behind this product include:

  • Advanced neuropeptide technology to give anti-inflammatory effects, which assist in slowing the 10 aforementioned signs of aging.
  • DMAE to help stimulate nerve function, thus causing muscles under skin to tighten, providing a lifted and firm appearance to sagging skin.
  • L-tyrosine, an amino acid, brightens skin to help radiate a youthful glow.
  • DHA, an essential amino acid, to support the preservation and hydration of skin.

cold plasma

Cold Plasma contains no:

  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral oil
  • Artificial colors or fillers

According to Dr. Perricone’s recommendation, in the morning and evening:

  1. Cleanse skin, first
  2. Apply Cold Plasma
  3. Put on any Perricone MD treatment and/or moisturizer to finish

Can it get any better? – “I’ve been using Cold Plasma since its exclusive debut on QVC and have been amazed that my skin could actually look any better after five years on Perricone products. Yet it does! Brighter, firmer, smoother…all this and more…” —From

What a difference! – “Tone and texture has evened out, pores (which I was told mine were small, but were visible to the naked eye), are virtually diminished, I can only see them when I use the dreaded 10X mirror to pluck my eyebrows. The price is high, but the product goes very far, I am sold on the product, and will definately stay on the auto-delivery plan. I notice I am using less make up, so I figure the money will even out, in the long run. Its nice to get up in the morning and debate on even bothering with the make up…” —From QVC

Can’t live without it – “Great product, I highly recommend! I’m 40. I noticed a change in my skin tone, radiance and the big one– It softened my lines and wrinkles right away!!! This is a product I can’t live with out.” —From QVC

Treat Red Skin and Prevent Future Damage

Try Perricone's Advanced Face Firming Activator
The quest for an even, unblemished skin tone can lead people to undergo expensive and often drastic procedures and treatments. Some, like acid skin peels or dermabrasion, may end up doing more harm than good, particularly if the skin suffers from redness.

However, if you can discover the source red skin, you can treat not just the appearance, but the cause. Red skin is often a signal of ongoing irritation or allergies that can cause long term damage, so early care can stop this skin damage before it becomes severe.

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