Neck Firming Cream

Hundreds of products claim to be able to firm and tone the appearance of skin on the neck. After discovering their ineffectiveness, many women turn to time consuming exercises or even risky plastic surgery.

Since neck cream is just as important as face cream, Dr. Perricone underwent comprehensive research to discover the best ingredients to improve the appearance of sagging skin on the neck. This advanced research led him to a unique formula that addresses all neck area concerns. Read more »

Perricone MD Serum Prep: Deep Wrinkle Serum for Mature Skin

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Wrinkles may be a common part of aging, but that does not mean there is nothing that can be done to treat them. Some think the only way to firm the skin and diminish the signs of wrinkles and fine lines is to go under the knife, but there are many safer, less invasive options available, such as a deep wrinkle serum. Read more »

Improve and Maintain Facial Contour with Topical Products

Sagging facial skin and loss of feature definition are normal parts of aging. There are several reasons why skin on the face loses its youthful tightness, or facial contours, over the years. One reason is that as skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin, which are both proteins that keep the skin flexible and tight. This results in skin losing its bounce back ability. Read more »

Combating Crepey Skin

While fruit-filled crepes may be delicious-looking, crepey skin is not.

Crepey, or waffley skin is loose wrinkled skin characterized by skin surface sagging reminiscent of thin pancake-like crepes. Read more »

Fighting Neck Wrinkles Not a Pain in the Neck

The neck is one of the places on the body more vulnerable to wrinkles. The skin is thinner on the neck than the face and contains fewer sebaceous, or oil glands.

When aging occurs, certain places on the body, like the neck, easily loose fat. Without the support of fat, the skin on the neck becomes loose and forms wrinkles. Read more »