Olive Oil Polyphenols

Discover the Magic: The Best Face Wrinkle Cream

Perricone products have been called “magical” since their debut, but why? What makes Perricone’s products so highly acclaimed? The answer is all in the ingredients.

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Discover the 3 Newest NV Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals

As technology continues to advance, so do NV Perricone MD cosmeceuticals.

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Nourishing Gentle Cleanser: an Olive Oil Polyphenols Perricone Product

Did you cleanse your face correctly today?

Cleansing skin twice a day is an important part of a proper skin care routine. Cleanse skin with the right ingredients and lukewarm water to ensure you do not irritate your skin.

One effective cleanser among NV Perricone products is Gentle Cleanser with Olive Oil Polyphenols.

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Olive Oil Moisture: Effective and Safe Ingredient in Perricone Products

ou may use olive oil when cooking your favorite Italian dish, but did you know that olive oil moisture is also excellent for the skin?

The truth is, while other products may contain chemicals that cause more harm than good, olive oil is a safe and natural way to lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy.

Several Perricone products incorporate olive oil polyphenols to help protect and nourish skin.
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Benefits of Olive Oil Face Hydrator

A face hydrator is a good way to cure dry skin and prevent wrinkles from forming. Hydrators form a barrier between skin and outside elements. All skin types should be regularly moisturized. However, some hydrators may contain chemicals which may damage the skin.

Face hydrator’s with natural Olive Oil Polyphenols can be more beneficial than regular hydrators, because olive oil provides important antioxidants. Antioxidants can prevent inflammation. Read more »