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Acyl Glutathione
Dr Perricone’s best selling treatment, Acyl-Glutathione, utilizes his patent pending formula for this revolutionary anti-aging product. While addressing the general signs of aging, it also targets the signs of accelerated skin aging, like creases.

Creases occur where you have existing wrinkles, when the body is depleted of essential nutrients. In addition to diminishing creases, it will also improve skin tone, combat extreme dryness, diminish pore size, and tighten and firm skin.


    After 30 days of use:

  • - 93% experienced an increase in the natural radiance of their skin.
  • - 93% saw a reduction in the appearance of skin sagging.
  • - 90% saw a reduction in the appearance of eleven lines.
  • - 90% reported an increase in the tightness and firmness of skin; and in skin resiliency and elasticity.
  • - 90% saw improvement in the overall youthfulness of their skin and felt more confident about their skin.

What is the secret of Acyl-Glutathione?

Dr. Perricone identified Glutathione, during years of anti–aging research, the body’s “master antioxidant”, as a critical nutrient in slowing the aging process. Dr. Perricone patented a stable form called Acyl-Glutathione to help combat the visible signs of accelerated aging, such as creases, deep expression lines, thinning skin and loss of firmness.


Recent reviews


“I am 35 years old with 2 young kids and a busy household…I care about my skin and want to maintain it. I recently purchased this and have been using it at night only. I use cold plasma first and then this on top. My skin looks and feels amazing. My skin appears lifted, it feels more firm and lessens the appearance of my wrinkles. I use other products in the morning on top of my cold plasma but I think this product is better.”

“I would buy this product again and again. It’s a magic cream, just massage on face and neck the creases disappear! I love it and all Perricone ‘s products”

“I use Acyl Glutathione twice a day after I wash my face. It is absorbed quickly and has no smell. It has made a difference in my deep creases on my forehead and my marionette lines in only two weeks!”


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Blue PlasmaThe popularity of Blue Plasma is sweeping the nation, and if it’s time for you to renew your order, Dr Perricone has a special gift for you! Right now when you renew Blue Plasma, you’ll receive a FREE Formula 15 Sample Packet.  Lucky you will receive Dr Perricone’s newest innovation, plus a top selling advanced anti-aging translucent foundation. And if you’re just ordering it for the first time, you can lock in a 10% discount when you sign up for the replenishment program, PLUS you’ll received a FREE Citrus Facial Wash with every shipment.

What is Blue Plasma?

Blue Plasma is a revolutionary new way to resurface your skin, without acid, designed for daily use without the fear of redness or irritation like traditional facial peels cause.  The treatment is created with Copper, which heals the skin, Salmon Roe Enzyme, which removes dead skin cells, and antioxidants from magnolia bark extract and blueberries. It works with Bio-specific Peeling to only attack dead skin cells. It also features hydro-fusion to rebalance your skin’s hydration with enriched water, and micro extraction to remove skin surface debris.

What You’ll See

  • New resurfaced skin
  • Glowing luminosity
  • Smoother, hydrated skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Rave Reviews

Blue Plasma is receiving rave reviews from the most trusted sources:

  • featured it in it’s list of 5 Skin Care Products to liven up dull skin
  • Nashville Lifestyles featured in in their March issue in the  “Spring Cleaning” piece spotlighting the best exfoliating products
  • US magazine called it an “Unexpected Skin Savior”
  • It’s also been featured in W, Lucky, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan magazines

So be sure to renew today!

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