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Fight Crepey Skin

Let’s face it, the battle for youthful skin can be challenging.  As we age, our bodies produce less of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes that we need to keep our skin firm, smooth, and hydrated. And it doesn’t help that environmental factors like smoke, heat, pollution and the sun accelerate the process.

The result?  Dreaded crepey skin!

If you’re unfamiliar, crepey skin has several characteristics:

  • Crinkly texture to the skin
  • Dull, less radiant skin
  • Deep wrinkles and lines
  • Loose folds of skin
  • Sagging skin

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How to Treat Crepey Skin

If you’re trying to combat this pesky problem, Dr. Perricone has several products to try:

Cold Plasma

  • Cold Plasma Use the power of Cold Plasma for your face, eyes, and body to beat crepey skin! This best seller was created after five years of research, to combat the ten visible signs of aging. Dr Perricone has created a Cold Plasma facial treatment, eye cream, and body lotion.


High Potency Eye Lift

  • High Potency Eye Lift You can look youthful with crepey eyes. Use this product to lift, brighten, and tighten the area around your eyes, while deeply hydrating the skin. 86% of consumer study participants reported improved resiliency and elasticity.


  • Neuropeptide Facial Conformer This highly advanced proprietary Neuropeptide treatment combats the appearance of crepiness, while re-energizing and hydrating skin.  A little bit goes a long way with this ultra potent formula.


  • Firming Neck Therapy No one wants a turkey neck! Tighten, tone, and firm your neck while diminishing creases and wrinkles with this specially targeted treatment.


You’ll never see crepey skin again with Perricone MD!

The Face Lift: Is it Worth it?

High Potency Amine Face LiftGiven today’s preoccupation with eternal youth, it’s no surprise that many people turn to cosmetic surgery to regain the face they once had, or to achieve a look they have always desired. In 2004, 157,000 people got face lifts, and they were the seventh most popular surgical cosmetic procedure performed on women in 2008.

Obviously, face lifts are popular, but are they the best option? This article will discuss the pros and cons of surgical face lifts and offer Dr. Perricone’s philosophy on cosmetic surgery.

This article will discuss:

  • Benefits of the face lift
  • Drawbacks of the face lift
  • Dr. Perricone’s perspective

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DMAE Serum Prep: A Facelift in a Jar?

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), a chemical that occurs in the brain, is crucial to muscle activity.

When used as an ingredient in a facial serum prep, DMAE provides instant, yet long-lasting, benefits that help skin age less.

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