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Open Your Eyes To The Best: High Potency Eye Lift

Hopefully, the wrinkles around your eyes are a result of a life full of smiles and happiness. But what should you do if you want to keep the laughter but lose the lines? For many, going under the knife is out of the question. The skin around your eyes is a sensitive area, and should be treated with gentle and enriching products – not a sharp blade. Dr. Perricone’s High Potency Eye Lift is the solution to a lifted, tightened, and defined eye area. Read more »

Say Your Good-byes to Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

High Potency Eye LiftThere are several causes for wrinkles under eyes, also know as crow’s feet. Some you can prevent, others you can’t, but you can always treat them once they started with Perricone MD.

Because the skin around your eyes is thinner, with less oil glands, elastin, and collagen, it’s one of the first places to show the signs of aging.


Wear and Tear Every time you smile, cry, rub your eyes in exhaustion, or make animated facial expressions, the area around your eyes is exercised and this wear and tear leads to wrinkles. There isn’t much you can do to avoid this cause of wrinkles.

Sun The sun causes wrinkles around the eyes for two reason. Sun damages skin and accelerates aging everywhere, especially this delicate area. It also causes you to squint, which in turn adds to more wear and tear. You can slow this process down by always wearing sunscreen, and wearing sunglasses or wide brimmed hats, to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Genetics Look at the elder women of your family, if they have deep wrinkles, chances are someday you will too. The drier your skin is genetically disposed to be, the more likely you will get wrinkles sooner. Again, there isn’t much you can do to prevent this cause of wrinkles around the eyes, except to keep the area moisterizered.

Smoking & Drinking Yet another reason to quit, smoking increases the levels of free radicals in your skin, which in turn leads to accelerated aging. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin, robbing it of the precious moister it needs to stay looking young.

Time With age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, both things the eye area is already deficient in. Aging makes the skin even thinner and drier, increases the appearance of wrinkles.


Perricone MD’s High Potency Eye Lift, utilizes Dr. Perricone’s patented formulas of DMAE and Phospholipids, along with Pycnogenol. It firms and hydrates the skin, providing lift and reparative benefits. The results? A visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, in independent consumer polls, 86% of participants reported improvement in the appearance of line and wrinkles. It’s time to turn back the hands of time, with Perricone MD.

Sampling program

Firming & Lifting set

It’s that time of the year again. The kids are off to school, leaves are changing, and another winter is not far away. Also like so many previous years, the changing of season brings changes to your skin. Because money can be tight at this time of year, starting a new regimen can be tough; Even if your skin is crying for treatment.

Luckily, Dr. Perricone has you covered with his sampling program. Save money and try some of the Drs’ most popular products without breaking the bank.

Wrinkles and Loss of Elasticity

Dr. Perricones Firming and Lifting set is a great way to start off if you need help with wrinkles and loss of elasticity. With the low price of $45 ($107 value) you can try 3 of his most powerful wrinkle fighters.

Start by removing impurities, makeup and pollution from your skin. The nutritive cleanser gently cleanses your skin and quickly removes these impurities. Follow that with the High Potency Face Lift to firm and lift your skin. And finally finish off with the High potency evening repair before heading to bed to make sure your face stays a supple and youthful complexion.


Pore Eraser Set

Depending on your skin type, your pores could have been a problem since you were a teenager. Sampling the Pore eraser set is an affordable and effective way to combat those pore problems. With three exclusive treatments included at only $49 ($109 value), it is easy to see why this set is a customer favorite.

Start first by flushing the skin and cleaning it with Perricones’ Nutritive Cleanser. Follow up by tightening those pores to keep the dirt out with the best-selling Advanced Face Firming Activator. End the treatment with Face Finishing Moisturizer. Essential to keep your skin moist while not clogging pores.

Wrinkles and Pores

Having trouble with both wrinkles and pores? The sampling program has you covered there too with the perricone 7-piece collection. For a mere $95 ($180 value), try all of the products in the wrinkle and pore refining kits. In addition, receive some extra treatments such as the Serum Prep and High Potency eye lift.

You can find all of these samples in our sample perricone section located at the top of the page. These samples change often. So hurry before these run out!

Goodbye to Under Eye Wrinkles: Stay Looking Forever Young

High Potency Eye LiftThere are some definite perks and benefits to getting older; however, developing crinkles under your eyes is most certainly not among them.

Wrinkles under the eyes automatically age a person, causing them to look and even feel older. Knowing what causes wrinkles, tips to preventing wrinkles, and the products available to help reduce them can help you stay looking young and smooth.

In this article, learn about:

  • What causes under eye wrinkles
  • How to reduce under eye wrinkles

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