Treat Spider Veins With Cold Plasma Body

Cold Plasma BodySpider veins, the unsightly broken capillaries often found on your legs, can be caused by several environmental and internal reasons.  While many visit a plastic surgeon to remove them, there are some inherent risks involved on top of the big price tag.

Typically plastic surgeons treat spider veins by injecting sclerosing solution into your veins, or with laser treatment.  Both options can be painful and will require multiple visits. Treatment can also cause scarring, damage to deeper structures like nerves, blood vessels and muscles, skin discoloration and swelling, persistent pain, ulceration, hematomas, and skin contour irregularities.

Rather than face the risks, pain, and price tag, try Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma Body lotion.  While many anti-aging treatments focus solely on the face, they often overlook the signs of aging of the skin on the rest of your body. Cold Plasma Body lotion is specifically formulated to firm, tighten and tone your body. This essential treatment is a part of the award winning Cold Plasma collection, a patented revolutionary system that drives essential nutrients deep into the skin for enhanced results.

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  • Skin will appear hydrated, plumper, and smoother
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, creepy skin, and spider veins
  • Treats cellulite and loss of elasticity caused by dehydrated rough skin


Key Sciences

  • Cold Plasma- creates an ideal base layer in your skin to target treatments by delivering the essential nutrients deep into your skin’s layers.
  • DMAE- fights free radicals and stabilizes cell membranes
  • Caffeine- minimizes the appearance of cellulite and puffiness
  • Sodium Hyaluronate- delivers superior hydration, and plumping and smoothing benefits.


Before heading to your plastic surgeon, be sure to try Cold Plasma Body lotion to treat spider veins and other signs of aging all over your body.

The best of Perricone

The Best of Perricone

Best of the Best

Whether you’re a loyal Perricone veteran, or a new fan to the brand, the Best of Perricone 7-Piece Collection is a great value featuring seven of his best selling products for only $95. You’ll get everything you need to start a Perricone regime and combat the signs of aging.

Nutritive Cleanser

A gentle face wash with anti-aging benefits utilizing Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE. What can you expect?

• Reduction in pore size
• Removes makeup with a deep clean
• Protects your skin with antioxidants
• You’ll see the benefits increase with continued use

Serum Prep

After your gentle deep cleanse, apply Serum Prep to firm and tone skin. It contains DMAE for firming and Phospholipids to repair existing damage and hydrate your skin. Listen to what fans have to say about it!

“Serum Prep is the unsung hero of the Perricone line. I use it after cleaning before any other product. My skin is so smooth after applying that any of the serums glide on and I use less product. I have been using Perricone for about 6 months and I am now defining what works best for me and Serum Prep is one that I will never be without. I am 68, have good skin but I have never had strangers stop me to tell me my skin was beautiful and so natural in my life. Thanks to Dr. Perricone that happened twice this month!”

No wonder it one of our best sellers!

High Potency Amine Face Lift

There is no need to go under the knife with the instant and cumulative anti-aging benefits of this product! Here are some benefits you can expect:
• See smoother tighter and firmer skin almost immediately
• Reduce visible sagging for firming tone
• Boosts overall radiance by reducing the appearance of sun damage

High Potency Evening Repair

You can’t let your skin go untreated in the evening while it works to repair itself. Boost your skin regime with the High Potency Evening Repair. Another High Potency favorite, this powerful treatment firms, refines, and rejuvenates your skin, for smoother, leathier, more luminous appearance.
• Contains 400% more Alpha Lipoic Acid, the ultimate antioxidant
• Contains 150% more DMAE for firming, lifting, and reduction in fine lines
• Contains the highest levels of non-irritating retinol available in over-the-counter cosmetics
• 100% of consumer study participants noticed an improvement in their skin’s texture/smoothness

High Potency Eye Lift

You can’t forget the delicate area around the eyes, which often show the signs of aging sooner. Featuring more High Potency action with DMAE, Phospholipids, Pycnogenol for firmer, more hydrated, and brighten skin around the eyes.

Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer

Featuring a proprietary blend of DMAE, Neuropeptides, and Phospholipids, you will fight the signs of ageing, while protecting and moisturizing your skin. Apply to your neck and face in the morning and at night to lift, tone, and correct the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

No Foundation Foundation

Last but certainly not least, this revolutionary product was designed for celebrity make-up artists looking for a product that would let your skin’s natural beauty and radiance shine. Skin looks dewy and flawless without heavy matte coverage. While the coverage is translucent, it works to correct sin undertones, while smoothing fines lines. A long time favorite of Perricone fans!

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Age and the effect on our skin

High Potency Evening Repair

As we grow older, a lot of things about us change including our skin. Fortunately, there are ways to fight the curse of aging by changing diet, stopping bad habit(s), and even applying over the counter moisturizers and creams.

In this article we will discuss

  • Changes to our skin that come with aging
  • How your lifestyle and diet affect your skin
  • What you can do to battle the changes

Changes to our skin that come with aging

Our skin has a lot to endure as time passes. Position of sleeping, facial expressions/movements, and even gravity has an effect on our skin as we get older. Because of those factors, our skin will naturally become rougher and sag or hang loosely (also known as the loss of elastic tissue (elastin) in the skin).

A good measure to fight rough and hanging skin is with Dr. Perricones’ High Potency Evening Repair treatment. With Retinol, DMAE, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, High Potency Evening Repair treatment offers instant and long lasting anti-aging benefits. Continued use will show improved, healthier, and more youthful skin night after night.

How your lifestyle and diet affect your skin

One of the biggest causes of the aforementioned sagging skin, is Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. While many of us enjoy tanning, its damage greatly outweighs its benefits. After all, Tan is the very definition of damaged skin. Those who tan regularly can look forward to the following as they age:

  • Increased likelihood of skin cancer (including melanoma)
  • Onset of wrinkles at an earlier age
  • Spotted and leathery looking skin
  • Loss of elastin

Smoking and drinking are also common bad habits that many people incorporate into their daily lifestyle. While it may feel good today, these behaviors come with lifelong consequences to one’s skin.

Often smokers develop dull and wrinkly skin at an earlier age also known as “Smokers Face.” Squinting to avoid getting smoke in ones’ eyes, and decreased blood flow are usually what doctors point to as the cause.

While those who drink heavily are usually dehydrated, and have their vital skin nutrients depleted after a “night on the town.” In addition, those who drink tend to have a poor diet. When you eat junk food, you are also feeding your skin that junk; resulting in greasy, possibly acne ridden skin.

What you can do to battle the changes

No longer just a buzz word, Antioxidants like Vitamins E, C, B and A are particularly important for healthy skin. Antioxidants protect your skin from everyday environmental factors. While you can find these in supplements, a healthy diet consisting of five to seven servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day can supply most or all of these antioxidants.

In addition, exercising daily improves your circulation, decreases stress and tones your muscles. Improved circulation is vital to healthy skin. Also, the decrease in stress is also a mitigating factor in skin care. While exercising, if you are going to do it outside, remember to put on SPF 30+ sunblock and go out before or after peak sun hours which are between 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

Webmd offers more details on how exercise can help your skin. Also, when and how to exercise to best benefit and have your skin looking its finest.

Harnessing the Power of DMAE

If you are familiar with Pericone MD, you may have noticed there are many products that include Dr. Perricone’s signature patented ingredient DMAE.  As a line dedicated to fighting the signs of aging, DMAE plays a vital role in many of Dr Perricone’s products.   What’s so special about DMAE? It helps to prevent and correct the loss of skin elasticity, while it firms, tones, and tightens skin’s appearance for a more youthful skin tone. So whether you’d prefer a DMAE cream,  toner, eye cream or serum, Dr Perricone has you covered!

The DMAE Collection

Perricond MD DMAE CollectionIf you’re looking to maximize your DMAE use, you should definitely try the DMAE Collection!  It includes three of Dr Perricone’s popular skin care products for daily use.


  • Nutritive Cleanser- This gently daily cleanser removes impurities, environmental pollution, and makeup.


  • High Potency Amine Complex Facelift-  Are you look for a facelift in a bottle? This product with lift and firm your skin tone for a more youthful complexion.


  • High Potency Evening Repair- You can’t neglect your skin at night while it repairs.  Use this treatment to rejuvenate and firm your skin.

This collection of Perricone DMAE products promises to:

-   Reduce enlarged pores

-   Repair surface imperfections

-   Revive dull skin for more radiance

-   Replenish moisture

-   Address loss of firmness and elasticity

Still not convinced? Check out this customer review of The DMAE Collection:

“I bought this item in a travel kit with other products in a Perricone black travel bag 10 years ago. I didn’t realize I would look like I had a face lift. My daughter said, ‘You have a bone structure women would die for.’ I told her it’s all in the products you use. When you are replacing ingredients that you lose as you age, the result is timeless beauty. Didn’t know aging was an option. My skin glows with a firm vitality….”

DMAE Skin: A Fairy Tale Ending

Are you still searching for the “Prince Charming” of skincare? Well look no farther, your highness. Your fairytale ending is coming soon with DMAE skin products. Read more »