Anti-inflammatory Diet

The effects of Astaxanthin

LobsterWhat do flamingos, salmon, shrimp, and lobster have in common? They all share a bright pink hue. And that bright pink color has a special link to a healthier you. These creatures get their pretty pigmentation from astaxanthin, which is present in the algae they consume.

How does this carotenoid link to a healthier you? It’s a powerful antioxidant, that reduces inflammation, two important elements is fighting the signs of aging. Sure you can eat more salmon and shellfish to add astaxanthin to your diet (we do not recommend eating flamingos though!) but adding a supplement with it to your daily routine has been shown to provide many important health benefits.


Antioxidants play an important role in Dr Perricone’s anti-aging regime. By reducing oxidation, antioxidants play a role in fighting:
• Cancer
• Heart disease
• Eye disease
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkison’s disease

Reducing Inflammation is also a key element in Dr Perricone’s routines. Inflammation contributes to the visible signs of aging as well as arthritis.

Heart health also benefits from astaxanthin by preventing plaque build up and protecting your heart from damage from lack of oxygen

Skin & Total Body Supplements

Dr Perricone’s Skin & Total Body Supplements are an essential piece of Dr Perricone’s 3-Tier philosophy. It includes a daily cocktail of seven different supplements, including astaxanthin, that work from the inside out to maintain healthy skin, joints, bones, hair, and nails. The system Skin&TotalBodyis developed to provide the perfect balance of key nutrients and vitamins for optimal results.

While some prescribe to a ‘can’t get too much of a good thing’ philosophy, carefully researched systems like this help to avoid the potential side affects caused by ‘too much of a good thing’. For example, Astaxanthin side effects can include lower blood pressure and calcium levels. So you should also be careful for interactions if you’re taking something for high blood pressure.

Following a carefully researched supplement program like Dr Perricone’s, helps assure you get the proper dose of the nutrients, while avoiding taking too much. Still, you should also consult your physician when adding a supplement program to existing prescriptions, so they can monitor any potential adverse reactions.

The Three Day Diet

It may seem too good to be true, but the Dr Perricone 3 day diet is a very real option to see visible results in reducing the appearance of aging, while maintaining your weight. As a part of the Perricone 3-Tiered Philosophy, an anti-inflammatory diet, targeted nutritional Supplements, and clinical skin care are all you need to achieve a healthier lifestyle!

“One of the greatest joys of my research has been discovering the role of key nutrients in the foods we eat and how they impact our beauty, health and longevity. What I often refer to as ‘superfoods’ are those remarkable anti-inflammatory, healing and rejuvenating properties, which have all but been forgotten in today’s world of fast and processed ‘food’.”- Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.S, FACN

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The 3 Day diet can be a lead in to Dr Perricone’s 28 day diet, or used on it’s own for a quick pick me up. The meal plan is simple enough to follow, with very little prep time needed for the dishes. It’s recommended you drink plenty of fresh spring water, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. The foundation of the plan is Dr Perricone’s favorite superfood, salmon! The meal plan suggests including salmon in at least 2 of your 3 meals a day. When buying your salmon, look for Wild Alaskan Salmon, Dr. Perricone recommends

Why Salmon?

SalmonSalmon is a great primary protein for a healthy diet.

Unlike other proteins salmon does not contain cancer causing substances, and is also easier for the body to digest and absorb the nutrients.

Salmon also contains several important ingredients to fight the visible signs of aging.

One of Dr Perricone’s most utilized nutrients, DMAE is an anti-inflammatory substance and powerful antioxidant against free radicals. It also helps fight sagging muscles by promoting the production of acetylcholine.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
These healthy fats go a long way in improving healthy and reducing the signs of aging. In addition to adding in the absorption of important vitamins and nutrients, omega 3 helps reduce cholesterol levels, increase brain function, and contribute to healthy, glowing skin and hair.

Eating Your Way to Clearer Skin

In the Perricone Acne Diet what you avoid eating is just as important as what you do eat. When you combine a sugar-free, yeast free diet with high quality proteins and stress-reducing exercise like yoga, you can restore you skin to a glowing clear skin.

Clear Skin Menu

It’s all about good fats, high quality proteins, and Low-glycemic carbs. And of course don’t’ forget plenty of spring water! Try these menu options out

Perricone Breakfast


2 egg omelet or a 4 to 6 oz piece of grilled or broiled salmon
1/2 cup slow cooked oatmeal topped with 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed
3 inch cantaloupe or 1/4 cup fresh berries (preferably blueberries)
8 oz spring water
Green or Black Tea


4 to 6 ounces of grilled salmon or sardines packed in olive oil
2 cups romaine lettuce dressed with extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste
2 inch slice of cantaloupe and 1/4 cup fresh berries
8 oz spring water


6 oz plain yogurt
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
8 oz spring water


Perricone Dinner4 to 6 oz grilled salmon
2 cups romaine lettuce dressed with extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste
1/2 cup steamed vegetables (especially bright green vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli, spinach)
2 inch cantaloupe
8 oz spring water
Evening Snack
2 oz sliced Turkey Breast

What to Avoid

• White flour (pasta, bread, and muffins)
• Sugar (cake and cookies)
• Fruit juices
• Dried fruits
• Aged cheese
• Milk and soy
• Vinegar
• Alcohol
• Mushrooms
• Coffee

Don’t forget to get your beauty sleep and reduce stress with moderate exercise. You’ll see clearer skin, and feel healthy in no time!

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