Oprah Works With Perricone M.D. To Eat Healthy

Eating well affects you in every way of your daily life. Because of this, Oprah supports Perricone M.D.’s list of superfoods. Oprah is always an advocate of good health and taking care of your body, so by using these superfoods that she and Dr. Perricone recommend, you can better manage your health, live longer, and love your life.

So what are they these amazing life saving superfoods that Perricone M.D. recommends you start eating? Read more »

Energize Your Skin and Mind with Dr Perricone Acai Berry

Wouldn’t you love to avoid the afternoon slump while still helping your body, inside and out? Read more »

Perricone Acai Berry and Other Drinks for Your Skin

For soft and supple skin, it is important to not only keep hydrated but to incorporate anti-inflammatory antioxidants into your diet. One way to accomplish supple, youthful looking skin is by incorporating “skin drinks” into your diet, such as Perricone Acai Berry.

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Move Over Acai: Time to Discuss the Other Berries in Super Berry Powder

Acai may be the #1 recommended superfood thanks to its essential fatty and amino acids, trace minerals and fiber, and most of all, its high antioxidant content.

But Dr. Nicholas Perricone included more beneficial berries in Super Berry Powder with Acai. And for good reason.

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Dr Perricone Acai is a “Superfruit,” but What is a “Superfruit” Anyway?

“Super” evokes thoughts of greatness. You’ve heard of Super Mario, Superman, and the Super Bowl, but have you heard of superfruit?

Put into that context, you may be envisioning superfruits to be gigantic fruits the likes of which you’ve never imagined; but superfruit is real, and certainly not of monstrous proportions.

Since Dr Perricone acai is touted as a superfruit, it is important to explain what this means.

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