Best Anti Aging Cream for Dry Winter Skin

Has the harsh winter weather stripped your skin dry of moisture? Then you’ll need the best anti aging cream which helps to replenish lost moisture and lock it in.

Look to Intensive Moisture Therapy, a rich emollient moisturizing cream by Dr Perricone. Get it free plus free shipping when you spend $100 at; just enter HYDRATE at checkout to receive the special offer.

Formulated with Tocotrienols, DMAE, and Phospholipids, Perricone’s Intensive Moisture Therapy helps to nourish and repair winter-dry skin.

Specifically, Tocotrienols, a superior form of vitamin E, deliver antioxidant and emollient benefits to help nourish and repair dry or sensitive skin. DMAE, an anti-inflammatory, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides firming and toning benefits. Finally, Phospholipids repair and hydrate damaged skin while mimicing the lipids found naturally in skin, allowing for quick absorption.

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  1. I want my mother and I to try this product. I have always wanted my mom to not be afraid of trying out beauty creams especially anti-aging creams.

  2. i really guess you product is fantastic, and it would be a blessing if i am one of those who will get to try it.

  3. Nancy,
    Isn’t it fantastic!! Glad you love it as much as I do :)

  4. I just got my first Cold Plasma — usually use other moisturizers. It smells like fish! Is that normal? Ick. Thanks.

  5. Hello. I am 32 and already have very noticeable lines around my mouth and a few sun spots. My skin also seems to be dull. I would love to become a tester. Thank you,

  6. I would LOVE to become a product tester! I love new products and enjoy sharing the great ones that I find with all my friends!!!

  7. Dear Dr. Perricone. Are you researching annatto since it is so rich in E Tocotrienols, and do you recommend it? Annatto (achiote) has been part of Puerto Rican cuisine for at least one hundred years, and the old-timer cooks still use it. My step-father who was almost 96 when he died 4 years ago testified to his consumption of annatto as a child. I am 54 years young (thanks to your sound health and beauty advice and regimes since age 49) and, unfortunately, as a teenager in Puerto Rico, my mother used to look down a bit on people who used annatto as a “cheap” way to color our cuisine instead of using tomato sauce. Thus when I came to the USA 34 years ago, I stopped using annatto–what a tragedy. But when I discovered a year ago how nutritionally valuable annatto really is, I started using it again, and so did my mother.

  8. I am looking forward to try the cold plasma treatment, i am 37 years old and always had a problem with my pores, last week went to a store and this lady gave me a sample that lasted me for 3 days, and i loved it!
    Thanks for this new product.