Be Diligent with Your Over the Counter Wrinkle Cream

A Perricone over the counter wrinkle cream is as equally effective as pricey prescription creams. You can see impressive results with an over the counter wrinkle cream if you treat it like a prescription; that is, follow a specific regimen which considers prepping your skin and applying the cream at the best times.

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How to Prep for Application

Before applying your over the counter anti wrinkle cream, be sure to wash your face and neck gently with a mild cleanser and remove all makeup residue. Having a completely clean face and neck is important for the skin to be able to soak in the wrinkle cream.

Dr. Perricone believes the best way to wash the skin is to use liquid cleansers or mild bar soaps that are applied by hand and then rinsed off thoroughly with lukewarm water. The key to the morning routine is after washing, let your cream sit on the face for several minutes before applying your make up for the day. This allows the cream has time to soak into the skin before getting mixed in with other products. This allows the make up to sit on top of the cream and protect the cream underneath as it activates the skin’s anti-aging fighters.

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In addition to washing your face each time before you apply the cream, at least once every few days you should use an exfoliating cream or brush to remove the dead skin cells that build up and create breakouts. The exfoliation also allows the cream to get deeper into the skin.

Once your face and body are washed and patted dry with a fresh wash cloth or towel, it is time to apply.

Best Times to Apply

With most over the counter wrinkle creams, it is best to apply the anti wrinkle creams twice daily. The best times to apply are after bathing in the morning or at night and after you have washed your face before bed. Twice is a good amount because wrinkle creams usually last up to 12 hours.

When you apply, be sure to put a small amount in your hand, depending on how much the product recommends and gently massage into your face and neck. Particularly on the face, be careful to apply the product in circular motions being sure not to drag and pull the skin more than necessary to prevent sagging in the future.

See Results from an Over the Counter Wrinkle Cream

After taking care of your skin with the best anti wrinkle creams, mastering a diligent skin care regimen for your over the counter wrinkle creams, you will see definite changes.

Applying wrinkle creams to your face and neck will help:

  • Protect the skin from natural elements and weather
  • Nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Soothe and plump the skin
  • Slow natural moisture loss
  • Prevent chaffing, itchiness, dryness, cracking, and peeling skin
  • Create a base for the makeup application

Now that you know the importance of diligence when applying wrinkle creams, be sure to wash and apply twice a day for the best results and the slowest aging experience.

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