Are There Any DMAE Side Effects?

DMAE is naturally produced in the body to maintain brain and body health, but taking too much DMAE in supplement form can cause side effects.

Taking more than the recommended amount can cause DMAE side effects like:

The healthy recommended dose of DMAE is between 100-300 mg. However people should start taking DMAE at the lowest dose directed, then increase the amount with time.

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People with schizophrenia, epilepsy, and manic depression should not take DMAE supplements. However, DMAE can help people with Attention Deficit Disorder, autism, memory deficiency, dementia, and depression. Increased doses of DMAE block the acetylcholine receptors, which allows more dopamine to be released.

DMAE supplements can help improve many brain functions and can even make skin healthier. DMAE can tighten and tone skin while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. DMAE has also been linked to helping with weight loss.

DMAE has a number of benefits:

  • Increases memory, concentration, and cognitive learning
  • Improves alertness and energy
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Boosts dopamine effects
  • Contours, tightens, and tones skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Dr. Perricone has a line of supplements for beautiful skin, energy and mood, total health, and weight management.

His DMAE supplement is one of his total health supplements. This supplement provides a safe daily amount of DMAE.

One 75 mg pill (1 serving) should be taken twice a day with meals. Taking 2 pills a day is a healthy amount of DMAE to experience benefits without DMAE side effects.

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  1. Please add me to your product tester list.

  2. Please add me to your product tester list!

  3. I’m looking forward to start testing your great apothecary creations!



  4. Would love to be a product tester!

  5. Bonjour,

    My name is Sabine, I am French and 56 years old.
    My main problems are due to aging I guess: memory, concentration and at times the “blues”
    So I am very much interested in trying the products at the appropriate doses and with proper instructions and follow-up.



  6. Very Interested in becoming a tester for this product. I was going to try something similar on my son for his ADHD but would like to try it for myself before using it on him.

  7. I’ve read countless reviews raving abt your pdts n I’m alrdy sold! I’m gg sooo gonna buy them now n get it delivered to sg! Can’t wait to try them out!

  8. I have heard a lot about DMAE, and would love to try it. Thanks

  9. Would love to test products. Thx

  10. Hi, My name is Tracey, I am 46 years old and I live in Perth Western Australia. We have a harsh climate, and our skin takes a toll. I am a smoker at present, but am in the process of giving up. I was extrembly interested in your appearance on the Dr Oz show, and would love to become a Perricone Tester. I think that there is a huge market here in Australia for your product. Hope to hear from you.

  11. I am 37 and have had four children in gourd years …. I used to shock people when they found out my age as I used to look really young… whereas now no one looks shocked. I would love to try your product…

  12. Count me in as a product tester.

  13. Love your products!

  14. dove si possono acquistare i prodotti dmae?

  15. [...] DMAE Serum Prep- Facelift in a Jar.  [...]

  16. [...] DMAE Serum Prep- Facelift in a Jar.  [...]

  17. I would be interested in testing certain products in which all of the ingredients are listed.

  18. In my case I found out that I am being affected by GPS n triangulation of RF frequency causing stress fibermyalgia loss of energy brain function this frequency can be detected with smart phone apparently of EMF. CELLULAR RADIANT, n numerous vitamins minerals n DMAE n DHAE w ginseng helps This frequency starts at CALEXICO. CALIF N MEXICALI MEXICO BY. HACKERS this will cause all these problems n in US gov it is called GWEN TOWERS TOTAL CONTROL N ARTIFICIAL TELEPATHY W HAARP N Your cell TV n radio broadcast. Research for yourselfs

  19. Recently read The Wrinkle Cure – I keep re-reading it!! Ground breaking!!

  20. I am 76 yrs. old and would like to see if I can increase my energy and mental abilities.

  21. I am 37 years old with two children ages 7 and 3. I would love to test your products. I have rosacea but otherwise no known skin conditions. I am a non-smoker, healthy eater, wear sunscreen, I do not wear makeup except on occasion and I exercise regularly. My skin overall looks pretty healthy but environment, sun exposure, age and stress are all conspiring against my skin in an attempt to make me look older!

  22. Please add my name to your product tester list.

  23. I have been on 40mg of Prozac for anxiety and OCD for a while now. I also have ADD and ADHD, which I am prescribed Ritalin for but I do not take as I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I bought DMAE online thinking it would help my memory and symptoms of ADD/HD. Long story short after taking one pill of the DMAE last Friday morning I ende up in the ER. The dr’s believe I had a stroke. I am 28 years old and in perfect physical health. I was released last night and am still feeling fuzzy and confused. I had numbness on the entire right side of my body including half of my face, I was hallucinating, confused and barely able to speak then hit with a mind blowing headache. This product got rave reviews which was what led me to try it but the product did nothing of the sort. I only say this as a word of caution be careful what you put in your body!

  24. I am 72 years old but act 42. I do have fibromyalgia, some wrinkles that could some help. Have some memory loss problems and would love to be a perricone tester of this product.

  25. I would love to be a tester for DMAE products. I am 64 and my skin looks not bad, with a little sagging, with a few brown spots. I have to see it to believe it and if there is positive results I would be your biggest promoter.

  26. 20 years old. I would like to test Dmae and other products, the less I age and the longer I live the better after all who wants to die. Certainly not me. Who wants to look old or have wrinkles hmmm let me think about it……. Not me!!! Give me this opportunity :)

  27. 20 years old. I would like to test Dmae and other products, the less I age and the longer I live the better after all who wants to die. Certainly not me. Give me chance.

  28. Hi l’m writing to say l’d lve to be a tester of your dmea products as l have difficulty in concentrating and brain fogginess as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome and adult ADD. Also my skin is quite good for my age but l have started to notice it is now generally less firm and also l have puffiness under the eyes which is quite pronounced

  29. I would like to become a Perricone tester
    I am 57 years of age

  30. love to test

  31. im a man just begining to lose my angles kind of rounding in my face and losing my wolfish good looks id love to test perricone

  32. I am 61 y.o. Hispanic female with olive complexion. I am youthful, taking tap dance & flute lessons. I noticed fine lines & wrinkles due to aging & smoking. I would love to be a tester so that my outside matches my insides.

  33. I would like to try the product simply because I am a skeptic when it comes to products such as this. Almost 65, am told I look younger but can begin to see those REAL signs that scream, “yeah, right, keep telling me that.”

  34. I tried the products last spring and it turned my face red and burned when using them. But I am trying to lose weight and I could use a product that would help the skin not to droop and wrinkle more. Thanks

  35. I was involved in a car accident that led to a traumatic brain injury. I am searching for a product to stimulate my memory, learning, and concentration abilities. I would love to test out this product.
    Thank you,

  36. I love your products and I recommend them to all my clients at Sephora were I work in staten island mall, that’s why I would love to became a tester for you ;)

  37. I have spent way too much time in the sun. In my younger years I suffered from acne and very oily skin. The sun seemed to help. However, now the effects of the sun are showing. I am 47. Would LOVE to become a tester!!!!

  38. I am just approaching my 65th birthday. I am energetic and love to keep moving all of the time. I am a fun person and had a girl like appearance until my mouth began to give out. I have experienced problems with my once great looking teeth because of bad dental work causing my upper jawbone to disintegrate. I am now replacing all of my top teeth with implants. My skin is stressed and my high check bones have been compromised due to the bone loses. It will take two years to do the implants and some sinus bone lifts. Needless to say I am now looking older than I am. To obtain employment I need to look younger. I need my skin to look younger… I need any help I can get! I believe that food and the right minerals and vitamins can get me through this time until my mouth is completed.
    I believe in Dr.Perricone and have just begun taking DMAE. I am certain that the Dr’s methods and way of living can improve my lifestyle and appearance. Thank you for your considerations… Jacqueline

  39. :)

  40. I need to make up for lost time over the last 10 years…I have had to put myself last in order to care for my sister that was dying and her two children both of which have ADHD. Then I had a son with special needs. So I have been extremely busy keeping my marraige going also with all of the extra stress added to our lives. My husband and I had only been married for less than 1 year when we adopted my Autistic sister, my miece, and my mephew. My husband is a good man and we have made it through the rough times together. We both recently started taking DMEA and one of the two kids is also now taking it for her ADHD and it is working wonderfully. I would be honored to be a tester for your powerful products!!! :)

  41. I started using the DMAE serum. At first I used a cream at night on my face and throat. I felt somewhat funny (I can’t describe the feeling just felt different. Then I bought the serum and started using it, very miminally on my face. I read I could use it up to 3 or 4 times a day. Well I started having headaches and felt a little strange. I went to the doctor and my blood pressure had risen. I have always had low pressure (100/70) It was 130 over 70 Could this be from the product? I can’t seem to find any side effects and would like to know. I am a very healthy woman who does not take any meds.

  42. I am a 34 year old a mother of a ten and two years old. I also recently return to school. High stress levels has taken a toll on my skin. I would love to be a tester for DMAE.