Alpha Lipoic Acid – Its uses and side effects

Alpha lipoic acid, like vitamin C and E, is an antioxidant. However, unlike Vitamin C and E, Alpha lipoic acid is both water and fat soluble. Whereas Vitamin C is only water soluble and Vitamin E is only soluble in fat.

As an antioxidant, Alpha lipoic acid attacks what are called “free radicals” or left over waste from the body when glucose is transformed into energy. The waste left over from the transformation can damage cells through harmful chemical reactions. This damage can further strain the body when trying to fend off infections.

Alpha Lipoic Acid and the Skin

Lip Plumper

In addition to fighting off waste, Alpha lipoic acid is also an effective remedy for many skin conditions including removing wrinkles, reducing large pores, and even minimizing the appearance scars.

Dr. Perricone offers an entire line of topical skin care products with Alpha lipoic acid as a key ingredient that promise to reduce wrinkles and minimize pores. In addition, lists an alpha lipoic acid treatment which promises to better define and plump your lips.

Side effects

Alpha lipoic acid side effects vary from person to person. Current side effects known, for otherwise healthy adults, can include skin rash, cramping muscles, headache, stomach ache, tingling sensation (pins and needles), nausea, lowering of blood sugar, and lowering of thiamine.

The last two side effects are especially important for those with diabetes or those who drink alcohol regularly. Dr. Perricone recommends that you talk with your primary care physician before starting any supplement regimen.

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