Alpha Lipoic Acid Creams to Help Restore Collagen Beauty

Keeping skin’s collagen healthy is an important part of youthful looking skin. Collagen is the most important structural amino acid protein that works to keep skin together and firm.

Want to learn how to restore collagen to its youthful structure?

Find out:

Why Collagen is Important for Beautiful Skin

Collagen is found in the lower level of the dermis, skin’s middle layer. Instead of being a clump of molecules like most proteins, collagen develops from a fiber to a mesh of fibers produced by fibroblast cells, which are cells that give skin its strength and ability to bounce back.

As people age, collagen and elastin production decreases. These two proteins give skin its strength and elasticity. Collagen in particular gives skin its youthful suppleness and tautness, but unfortunately, is susceptible to free radical damage. Collagen is abundant and stays in skin for years, so free radicals attack it, which leads to cross-linking. Cross-linking is a problem for skin, because collagen molecules that function properly slide over one another; but when cross-linking occurs, these molecules become stiff, making skin appear “aged.”

Some people physically age faster than others because of extrinsic factors such as the sun, smoking, and pollution. These factors increase the number of free radicals in the body which damage cells and slow the production of collagen. For example, sun overexposure causes free radicals to activate pro-inflammatory transcription factors that produce collagen-digesting enzymes. Like it sounds, collagen-digesting enzymes attack collagen molecules, which can lead to microscarring and imperfections in the skin.

How Antioxidants Can Help

Applying antioxidants topically can help fight free radicals and restore collagen beauty. In fact, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) creams can help activate a transcription factor, AP-1, with the reverse effect. When AP-1 is turned on by alpha lipoic acid in the creams the enzyme only digests damaged collagen, and can help repair the tiny scars. This process helps improve skin’s appearance. Alpha lipoic acid creams are more effective than collagen-based creams, because the collagen molecule in collagen-based creams cannot penetrate skin.

Another powerful antioxidant that can penetrate the skin to help restore collagen is Vitamin C Ester. What’s great about Vitamin C Ester is its ability to help stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, which in turn boosts collagen production.

Perricone offers a variety of creams, but consider his creams that combine the forces of alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C Ester to help restore collagen beauty. Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer not only includes this winning combination of key sciences, but also includes DMAE, an anti-inflammatory that strengthens the efficacy of other antioxidants and helps lift and tighten skin.

Finally, increasing the body’s intake of antioxidants can also fight free radicals. In addition to applying Vitamin C Ester and Alpha Lipoic Acid creams, ingesting these antioxidants in supplement form can help restore collagen beauty from the inside out.

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  1. I have been told to use products that produce collagen production. I need help with all my wrinkles and my sagging neck.

  2. I had severe Thyroid Storm caused by a compounding pharmacy who made a big mistake in compounding my 8.5mcg liothyronine at a much higher dose. I lost about 8 lbs in 3 days and a lot of muscle got metabolized. I am a personal trainer and had great muscle tone especially for a 59 yearyoung woman and that is now gone – I am left with sagging skin ….I imagine the collagen and elastin got metabloized also.I have alot of work to get me back to me. Is there anything that can help firm my skin…Thanks

  3. I used collagen and alpha liporic tabs
    and feel great. Does not look my age.

  4. Dr Perricone,
    I just turned 59,and my skin is just starting to show signs of wrinkles. I am interested in how to hold this process off as long as possible. I am a serious researcher, and I feel that you are right on target in your approach to skin care. I would appreciate and value being one of your Perricone testers.

  5. I have been using your products for years. I have one side of my face that sags…and the other is fine….I have tried various products of Dr Perricone however they help at times and some times they do not …I would like to be told what to use for this problem on a continuous basis…I have asked when I have called to order products what to use however have not been given the proper routine. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
    Gerri Rienzi

  6. I would like to try your product to see if it can help fade the stretch marks from having four children.

  7. I grew up with a father who was in natural medecines all his life, formulating and testing organic herbal products. I am 60 years old and although I don’t look my age I have thin and dry skin under my eyes and around my mouth. I always had a problem with dry skin all my life. But now it’s becoming thinner. I am currently taking natural oil like jojoba oil and Argan oil. The problem is that oil penetrates my eyes and affects my vision temporarily. So I would like to try Dr. Perricone cream. Everyday I take around 20 pills between herbal: milk thirstle, ginger, green tea extract…. and vitamines: A, B. C, D, Bone UP, Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Omega 3, etc. I have been doing this for more than 25 years. I don’t eat red meat, chicken once a week, salmon only once a week, spinach/kale, almonds, everyday, Try to eat raw. Don’t cook much anymore. Hard to keep PH above 7.

  8. I am a 45 year old women that has recently gone through changes in my skin. I had an overy and fibroids removed and just a few years look a lot older. Help. I eat well, exercise, drink lots of water and don’t smoke. I work indoors and take vitimens. If you have anything to help my african/american skin to not be dry, dull, loose with fine lines I want to test it out. If the results are great I’ll tell everon. Thank you for considering me.


  9. I am 50 but look older from sun damaged skin. I would love to see if your product could help me.

  10. i am 60 yr old woman that had a lump on temple a yr ago. went to dermatologist and took medicine that took collagen out of my right cheek.It is now very flat and thin and i would like to restore the puffiness there.could u help me???

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