Age Less: Four Regimens for Targeted Treatment

Try Perricone Regimens today!Our skin constantly changes as we age, developing different properties and having different needs. Since the skin you had at 30 isn’t the same as the skin you’ll have at 60, it doesn’t make sense to expect to use the same products throughout your skin care life. However, knowing your skin has specific needs based on its condition doesn’t make it any easier to sort through the all miracle products claims and promises to find your perfect skin care solution.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone used the expertise from his years as a researcher and dermatologist to create a line of skin care products that help all skin types fight and prevent the signs of aging. As a doctor, a writer of three New York Times bestselling books, and a frequent guest on national talk shows and news programs including Oprah, Dr. Perricone advocates a combination of a healthy diet, skin and total body and topical products to fight inflammation and aging.

To help take the guess work out of choosing a skin care routine, Dr. Perricone offers four different regimens uniquely designed to combat the lines, wrinkles, and imperfections at each stage of aging: Prevent, Correct, Repair, and Restore.

This video is an informative introduction to the targeted treatment from Perricone:

This approach allows you to easily target your wrinkle treatment to your skin’s condition and unique needs.

Rx 1 Collection – Prevent

This collections is ideal for people with young skin who want to prevent the damage that comes with age. It uses the natural antioxidant action of olive oil polyphenols to fight free radical damage and maintain youthful radiance. Used together, these products are a great first step to prevent wrinkles and provide a gentle boost to keep skin’s texture refined. Rx1 is also a good choice if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

This regimen includes:

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Nutrient Fortifier

Rx 2 Collection – Correct

Fortified with Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE and Vitamin C Ester, this regimen is designed to smooth the fine lines that are the earliest signs of aging. Alpha lipoic acid provides antioxidant protection, minimizes pores, helps resurface skin, and improves resilience and texture. DMAE firms skin, improves muscle tone to enhance facial contour, and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the eye area. Vitamin C ester evens skin discoloration, provides anti-aging antioxidant protection, and improves clarity and smoothness.

The regimen includes:

Rx 3 Collection – Repair

Rx3 contains potent ingredients to fight more advanced signs of aging, In addition to vitamin C ester and DMAE, the the regimen contains phospholipids and pycnogenol to treat deep lines and wrinkles the loss of firmness and elasticity. It also works to reduce brown spots and other signs of sun damage while providng antioxidant protection from future damage.

The regimen includes:

  • Nutritive Cleanser
  • Amine Complex Face Lift
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Intensive Moisture Therapy
  • Evening Facial Emollient

Rx 4 Collection – Restore

The Rx4 collection uses around the power of neuropeptides to treat the even most severe signs of aging in mature skin, including wrinkles, discoloration, uneven tone and texture, and the loss of elasticity. Neuropeptides work to activate surface renewal of the dermis, making skin less saggy and more resiliant. Any of the products in the Rx4 collection will work with the  Rx2 Correct or Rx3 Repair regimens to deliver dramatic and accelerated benefits and results.

The regimen includes:

These four regimes can help you reduce the signs of aging, no matter the condition of your skin. Dr. Perricone has combined potent ingredients and ideally tarted them the specific needs of skin at every age, making it easy for your skin to get exactly the treatment it needs. There are even Perricone deals to make the products for this regiment more affordable.

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  1. I am an esthetician interested in cosmeceuticals for myself and my clients..always getting asked questions about the best ingredients for skin issues. I love testing products on my own skin, so I can advise first hand.

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  4. I had used Dr. Perricone’s products on and off for about 4 years. When I recently tried his firming neck cream, and experienced noticeable results within days, I decided to try more products. I have recommended Dr. Perricone’s products to my friends and family and recently shared them with my sister in law. She is very pleased with her results as well. Now she if off purchasing her own.

  5. I work in the field of aging and while I never could imagine surgical treatments of my aging skin, I do believe care and treatment will continue to make me look my age or younger. When women are in their 80s and above, you can really tell who has cared for their skin and who has not. I’m hoping to put the right steps in place to promote healthy aging skin in a positive way so that 40+ years from now I can be one of those women who has truly aged gracefully. I’m planning on the gradual addition of Perricone MD products, until I can establish a full program, will help in this journey.

  6. I have used the best skin care I could afford most of my life moving from one high end line to another. I currently use a combination of lines to meets my needs, but would love to use one line as I believe the products are made to work synergistically for optimal results. I have good skin, but at 54 I have reached a plateau and am unable to find a product/products to get me through this transition. So, I am turning to Botox and am considering a face lift. I constantly get compliments on my skin despite my plateau, and I know I could be a walking testament to the power of Perricone. I am currently using several Perricone products.

  7. As of now, I am counting on the kindness of the Sephora skincare team to keep me in samples of products from Perricone as I was laid-off a couple months ago from my job in the Social Services field. I simply will not use anything else on my almost 40 year-old skin. Once the free samples run out, it’s the groceries that will get cut next so I can keep my skin care! But seriously, I have a core of three products I can’t live without. Those would be the Concentrated Restorative Treatment, Face Finishing Moisturizer and the Tinted Moisturizer Light. My favorite treat product is the Hydrating Mask which I use after lazer treatments, it never burns my sensitive skin and -dang- it makes my skin look 10 years younger. Although I must admit, I won’t be getting microdermabrasion anytime soon. I’d love to test products for Perricone!

  8. I first heard about Dr. Perricone’s products/books on The Today Show about 4 years ago. Long story short, I now own three of Dr. Perricone’s books, and follow his protein first/salmon dietary suggestions daily. I also take the recommended supplements and try to purchase the Amine Complex Face Lift and Nutritive Cleanser on a regular basis. When asked my age, people can’t believe I’m 49 (yikes!), but it’s wonderful to look like I’m ten(?) years younger!

  9. I have worn makeup for many years, and I am certain that this ritual has weakened the fragile tissue surrounding my eyes.
    Yet it is quite evident as I gently apply a tad of Advanced Eye Therapy, an astonishing transformation takes place. And so, my new ritual is to apply this miracle every day under my makeup.
    I am so sad to be an ageing baby boomer, but luckily
    Dr. Perricone inspired me to eat healthy foods, exercise and replenish my skin with this amazing product.

    ps I would include a photograph, but Dr. Perricone, I do not see an icon that allows me to send a jpg.

  10. I fall into the the age category of “and beyond” as Dr. Perricone has described in some of his lectures and books. I am way over 60 but look younger and it is all because of 9 plus years of using the Perricone products. I have sensitive dry Irish skin, and I have tried just about everything on the market, and none did what they were advertised to do. I heard Dr. Perricone late one night on Public Broadcasting and figured his products would do nothing either, until I heard him mention nutrition and Adele Davis. I had read her books, and that is when I realized this guy knows what he is talking about. I promptly ordered the products by donating to the Public TV channel. I was absolutely amazed with the change in my skin. It took about 4 weeks, but the difference was amazing. That was over 9 years ago, and I am constantly complimented on my beautiful skin. I use the basics; gentle cleanser, Amine Complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Intensive Moisture Therapy as well as alternating the Restorative Cream with the Evening Facial Repair – high potency on all of them as well as the eye products. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work. P. S. No one can beleive my age….I can’t either.

  11. I love the RX Collections because the categories make it easy to figure out which products are designed to go together for best results.

  12. I have used Perricone products for at least 5 years. My skin looks great and I have gotten many positive comments. My daughter is 30 and I have started her on he Perricone products also. My concern is that my skin is very sensitive and now that I am 60, I am having new issues with sagging and wrinkles. I would like to become a tester because 1.) I love Perricone products and 2.) Many women my age are experiencing the same issues. I would love the opportunity to try new products and spread the word on how great they are!

  13. Years ago I purchased products from Perricone. I am 74 years young and my skin care is very important to me. All of my friends tell me that my skin looks amazing ‘for my age’ but I know a few wrinkles are starting to form. I am trying to find a product to use along with my retina A that will slow down the aging process visibly. I would dearly love to try Dr. Perricone’s products again.

  14. I would love to try a product that works! I think that senior citizens are often overlooked because companies don’t think we want to look our best. That’s not true. If anything, we are MORE concerned about our looks and would love products that would actually do what the ads say they do.

  15. Hi,
    I have not used any Perricone products except for a sample someone gave me years ago. I have always been interested in trying the products and have heard wonderful things about the results. Becoming a tester would be a great opportunity to tell people I know, firsthand, how well the products perform for the aging woman. Hope to get the chance!