Acyl Glutathione Cream: The Crease Cure

Throughout history women and men alike have been striving towards banning skin creases. In ancient Egypt they used olive oil to add nutrients back into their skin and help retain moisture. Now with the help of Dr. Perricone the people of the world have a new skin crease cure-all! Dr. Perricone’s new Acyl Glutathione Cream is the first patent pending skin care treatment to reduce the appearance of creases. In this post you will learn all about this this new cream, what people think about it, and how to get some for yourself!

Acyl Glutathione

  • Improves papery-thin skin texture
  • Restores the natural radiance of youthful skin
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of creases

The positive effects of olive oil have stood the test of time and many Perricone products include this amazing ingredient. Imagine what the future holds for the new Acyl Glutathione cream.

In a 30-day consumer research study, after application every morning and evening:

  • 85% saw a reduction in the appearance of horizontal forehead creases
  • 90% saw a reduction in the appearance of 11 vertical creases
  • 85% saw a reduction in the appearance of smile creases
  • 88% saw a reduction in the appearance of marionette creases above the chin, but below the mouth

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  1. Dear Dr. Perricone,
    I have been diagnosed with Hep C in 2010, and as I read your sectin on fatigue and energy, you stated glutathione cream used topically would help…however, I have not been able to find it in any health food stores, so I would love to try it for my energy level…but it wouldn’t hurt for other things also.
    Marge Michaux

  2. I tried this product and have had horrible results. It caused my skin to dry out, with red, itchy bumps. I used this product for 2 weeks, and then this reaction started. I quit using it 1-1/2 weeks ago and the itchy rash has barely improved. If it doesn’t improve within a day or two I will have to go to a dermatologist.

  3. I have seen the products and testing them would be a pleasure.

  4. Wow I was looking for the best and I know I’ve found it,I will love to try your products

  5. I am 51 and have been under immense stress but have always used good skin care. I am a big fan of Dr Perricones. I am not thus far happy with any line totally. I have aging skin and age spots on my body and uneven skin tone. I was wondering about your deep wrinkle serum and your newest acyl glutathione cream and your cold plasma for face, eyes and body. I would be a committed purchaser and good advertiser of your products, but seeing if they work first would be great.

  6. This product sounds like the one product that anyone over 40 should start using immediately! I have tried a couple of Dr. Perricone’s products and loved them! I am sure that this olive oil based cream will decrease those pesky moderate lines around the mouth and forehead. None of us want to look anything but natural so keeping the look of healthy skin and that includes accepting a few signs of experience but old? No,with Dr. Perricone’s Crease Cure is the first place to start. Enjoy with a smile!

  7. dr perricone concept of makeup and diet
    is the best i have ever seen…
    I believe his products are pure and excellent for skin, hair and nails.

  8. I am 55 years old and over the last couple of years, due to job stress, bad diet my face has paid the price. My skin seems to sag, I have nasolabial folds and lines under my eyes. I look drab and tired. I have been searching for a cream to help improve my looks. I have tried several and have been disappointed in the results. I have been considering fillers – which to me is a last resort. I have read Dr. Perricones books and believe in his diet. I think I would be prove that his products work. A cream that improve wrinkles without having to resort to any form of injections would be fantastic!

  9. I feel like Perricone products really help my skin – I would love to become a product tester! Having difficult skin is something I can definitely relate to and I’d love to be on the front lines testing more great products.

  10. I am 30 years old and am now starting to have have smile creases.I can’t wait to try out this product

  11. i have deep creases in several areas of my face. would love to try something that actually worked!

  12. I would love to try your products!! I am a 42 year old, active, youthful mom of six…I am a born skeptic who still believes in skin care miracles- I simply have not yet found one. I have tried every lotion and potion avialable. I take a million supplements to reverse and slow down the aging process… and STILL I have a horrific crease (smile lines)which appeared OVERNIGHT in mid-april..I have done botox and am tempted to try a filler like Juvaderm…But I truly want to avoid this and “beat the crease” without cheating…I would love to have your acyl-glutthione be my miracle but am hesitant due to the the cost and the substantial amount of money I have already invested in anti-aging remedies!!PLEASE HELP!! I promise to be oyur best advertisement to date1!!!