Acne Basics – What is It? Acne Myths and Treatments

Far from being just a teenage plague, acne is one of the most common skin complaints. Indeed, it affects people of all ages, even some infants. Acne includes by the various forms of clogged pores including whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red pimples.

Skin care scientists have identified many of the causes of acne and some very effective treatments. In particular, Perricone MD has developed a combination of diet, topical products, and supplements that work to fight acne both on the surface and from the inside.

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What is Acne?

Human skin contains millions of openings called pores. Each contains a hair, an oil gland, and a sweat-secreting gland. The oil gland, however, has the greatest impact on acne formation. Skin oil, or sebum, is necessary because it lubricates the skin and helps the epidermis, the topmost layer, shed dead cells. Proper lubrication and cell turnover are important parts of healthy skin function and part of what gives the complexion a fresh and even look.

However, when the oil glands are overactive, the excess oil mixes with dirt, dead skin and bacteria to form clogs inside the pores. The clog is either a whitehead, which is closed to the surface of the skin, or a blackhead, which is open to the skin and oxidized. Often, bacteria builds up and infects the pore. The immune response to this infection includes increased blood flow to the area of the pore. This results in the red, inflamed appearance most associated with pimples.

The Roots of Acne

Most acne comes from a combination of genetics, hormones, stress, external factors, and diet. Acne tends to run in families, and is generally exacerbated by hormonal fluctuations. Teenage acne tends to be among the worst because teenagers experience significant hormonal changes that alter skin function and oil production.

Women going through pregnancy, certain phases of their menstrual cycle, or menopause have similar hormonal instability that can make their acne worse. In addition, certain drugs, especially ones that deal with hormones, such as steroids and birth control pills, can affect acne formation.

Environmental factors that affect acne include weather, such as sun exposure, temperature, and humidity. External factors like the use of heavy, greasy skin and hair products can increase the likelihood of clogs forming. On top of all that, your stress level and general health play a role as well.

Stress stimulates abnormal hormonal fluctuations and inflammation throughout the body, thus often making acne, an inflammatory condition, worse. A balanced diet is essential for all kinds of proper biological functions, and is essential for healthy skin. A diet rich in healthy fats and antioxidants give your skin cells the tools they need heal damage and turnover at a correct rate.

Acne Treatments

Proper cleansing with a gentle face wash is important to remove excess dirt, oil, and debris that can clog pores. Be sure to choose a gentle, nonstripping product as over drying the skin can make oil glands overcompensate, thus making skin even oilier.

One of the most popular and effective acne treatment ingredients is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and removes debris from the pores. This limits the excess material that can mix with sebum to clog pores. Other products, such as benzoyl peroxide have antibacterial qualities that limit bacteria growth that may occur in the clogged pore. Moisture is important for all skin types, even acne prone.

A good moisturizer counteracts the drying effects of adult acne treatment, protects skin from the environment, and reduces dry skin cells that can clog pores

In addition to maintaining a general healthy diet, there are foods that can help the skin’s natural defenses against acne. Olive oil, for example, improves the malleability of cells and assists cellular functions like the transference of nutrients. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as the acai berry, fight the free radical damage that keeps cells from functioning correctly.

Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet focuses on these kinds of beneficial foods. It is designed to treat the systemic inflammation at the root of a number of conditions. It focuses on healthy fats, low-glycemic carbohydrates, high-quality protein, and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. These foods are especially well suited to reducing the inflammation that contributes to acne and keeps skin from looking clear and radiant.

Check out this video for more on Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

The skin care products from Perricone MD has a range of products that cover all the bases of, treatment, and moisturizing to help skin naturally fight off acne. The products also include ingredients to minimize the signs of aging. The Skin Clear Cleanser contains salicylic acid to clear clogged pores and exfoliate skin while alpha lipoic acid naturally promotes the reduction of uneven texture and puffiness. In addition, green tea extracts cool and soothe the skin.

The Skin Clear Toner and the Skin Clear Hydrator both moisturize skin and limit skin debris and contaminants. Dr. Perricone’s clear skin plan also includes the Skin Clear Supplements which combine potent ingredients including vitamin C, omega-3, and evening primrose oil. These substances work internally to improve skin clarity and tone while supporting the immune system. Before purchasing one of these products, be sure to get a Perricone coupon to save more than just your skin.


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