Acai Berry Research: For Chronic Disease and Aging Skin

Recently, celebrities such as Oprah, Owen Wilson, and Denise Richards have shown their support of the acai berry. Numerous companies and researchers have claimed that acai aids weight loss, improves vision, prevents disease, and improves skin tone.

Quality research backs up the support of the benefits of this superfood.

This article will focus on:

Acai Berry Research for Chronic Disease


The University of Florida conducted a study that showed acai extracts triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested. Researchers described the results as encouraging because compounds that act against cancer cells in a controlled setting are likely to benefit the body.

In the study, 6 chemical extracts were made from acai fruit pulp, and each extract was prepared in 7 concentrations. When applied for 24-hours, 4 of the extracts were shown to kill significant numbers of leukemia cells.

Depending on the extract and concentration, the solutions killed 35-86% of cancer cells.

Heart Disease

Acai contains healthy fats, which contain fatty acids such as omega fatty acids. The most common forms of omega fatty acids are Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9.

These unsaturated omega fatty acids have been shown through significant research to have numerous health benefits. For instance, on September 8, 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that research supported the idea that the consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk coronary heart disease.

Skin Care and Acai Berry Research

The nutrient-rich acai berry has been shown to deliver its benefits to the skin.

Dr. Susanne Talcott, an assistant professor with Texas A&M University’s nutrition and food science department, led a team of scientists in a study of acai’s absorbency in the human body. They found that acai efficiently delivered antioxidants, which serve as important weapons in the fight against aging.

In the study, 12 volunteers consumed a single serving of either acai juice or pulp. 12- and 24-hours after consumption, the researchers collected blood and urine samples from each of the volunteers. The samples showed significant increases in antioxidant activity. Both acai pulp and acai juice increased absorption of anthocyanins, antioxidant flavonoids, into the blood.

Their findings are important because antioxidants combat free radical damage and inflammation, which cause aging.

Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron. Because of this, they are unstable and continually seek an extra electron to become stable. This creates damaged DNA inside the cells. As a result, old cells are less able to perform their functions and also less able to reproduce new cells that could.

Antioxidants combat this process because they contain the extra electron that free radicals are seeking. When antioxidants fight free radical damage, cell DNA remains intact and retains its ability to signal responses that stop inflammation, the cause of aging.

Therefore, the acai berry can play a crucial role in fighting wrinkles.

Acai Strawberry Smoothie

Include acai in a delicious smoothie to reap its proven antioxidant benefits. Eating some protein beforehand or including it in the smoothie prevents a rise in blood sugar.

Blend the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup organic, unsweetened, apple juice
  • 1 cup pure, organic, unsweetened frozen Acai
  • 8 fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 2 scoops Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate (optional but recommended)

Acai berry research shows that the delicious food offers a number of benefits for overall health.

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