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Dr. Perricone

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a board-certified Dermatologist, world renowned healthy aging expert, award winning inventor, educator and philanthropist. He was creator and host of a series of Public Television Specials and the author of several New York Times Best Sellers including The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and Forever Young.

Dr. Perricone was Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Perricone has served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Perricone’s legacy began with his initial quest to find ways to prevent and reverse the negative effects of chronic and sub- clinical inflammation which he asserted was the cause of aging and disease. His inflammation theory was initially viewed as “radical” but Dr. Perricone’s pioneering research on the subject brought it into mainstream thinking.

Dr. Perricone’s inflammation theory inspired him to establish Perricone MD in 1997 and introduce to the world a ground- breaking approach to impede and even help repair damage to skin utilizing nutrient antioxidants in cosmeceutical formulations. These advanced anti-aging topical treatments set a new industry standard for product efficacy with results that often rival more invasive dermatological procedures.

Dr. Perricone’s initial cosmeceuticals program included Vitamin C Ester, Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, all introduced in his New York Times #1 Best Seller The Wrinkle Cure. Published in April 2000, The Wrinkle Cure helped launch a revolution, changing people’s views on aging and beauty. The book became a global phenomenon and inspired a series of New York Times best sellers including The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and Forever Young. In 2001, Dr. Perricone once again broke new ground with the first award-winning Public Television Special series dedicated to the science of healthy aging and beautiful skin.

With more than 116 US and international patents for the treatment of damage to skin and systemic disease, Dr. Perricone has become the leading authority on the science of beautiful skin. His groundbreaking formulations with Cold Plasma, Acyl- Glutathione and Vitamin C Ester 15, continue to raise the bar for what people have come to expect from skincare and further cement Perricone MD as global leader in the world of prestige skincare led by innovation, research and science.

Dr. Perricone’s life long passion for science is the foundation to his dedicated commitment to unlocking the secrets to healthy aging. It continues to inspire him to introduce revolutionary technologies that will forever transform the face of skincare and get us one step closer to the fountain of youth.

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  1. I am 43, a CEO with lots of stress, and experiencing autoimmune symptoms that come and go. That is yet to be determined no positive tests after a year of blood tests and scans, etc. The odd inflammation I have been experiencing for the last year or so has taken a serious toll on my appearance. I have always been a head turner and now, friends say I look tired, waxy, sullen. I have dark circles and tired lines around my eyes, between my eyebrows, and creases on my forehead and forming around my mouth. I miss my sleep so much. I manage my diet (could do better) and my regular exercise routine is now barely there with the fight against inflammation. My job is hugely stressful, not helpful. I have been looking at your product line and don’t know where to start.

  2. I am extremely frustrated please help me understand why this is happening, I am 29 years old and have never had acne let alone any type of breakouts and only once in a very great while get one pimple which I would freak out about but would disappear within a day or so. I never used anything special mainly Cetaphil type products from the grocery store. It never mattered what brand of makeup I wore or if I had accidentally slept with my makeup on the night before or if I was stressed out or if I ate chocolate or any other things that iwould hear from my friends that would claim caused there acne which I never EVER experienced or had to go through UP UNTIL I recently bought Perricone because of how much my friend loves and raves so much about and that is when I started not only getting one or two pimples AT THE SAME TIME but a complete breakout and acne I am beyond pissed and don’t understand why its perfect for every 1 else BUT me WTF wut a nightmare for me please help!

  3. I would like to try a sample!!

  4. I purchases the sub d cream along with other creams and serums.
    I was very excited about trying the products, I’m getting married in a few months, and wanted to look my best.
    I put the perricone products on in the evening last Thursday and woke up Friday morning with red and itchy skin,especially around my eyes. I was so uncomfortable all day Friday.
    I wanted to take Benadryl but they suspect I have glaucoma and can’t take it
    Saturday was a little better, still puffy. Not as red
    Sunday. A bit better. But the skin on my cheeks feels like it was burned. And my eyes and neck look more wrinkled than before.

  5. I have a question regarding astaxanthin and beta carotene. I have read that beta carotene by itself in pill form was tested and they had to stop the test because those that smoked then and in the past were getting lung cancer..My concern is how close is astaxanthin and beta carotene to each other…I would really like to take the astaxanthin but am afraid to if there is a REAL close connection to beta carotene.thank you. Judi Richard

  6. 1st question- Christmas present for my 36 yr old son.. has normal healthy skin- wants to begin skin care regime … what would you recommend .. he uses nothing but wants to keep it simple… being a guy.
    2nd question- Christmas present for 32 old daughter… has large pores that show thru foundation makeup … tends to have shiny oily T-zone … need an easy program to clear up her pores and help her begin a good skin care routine.
    I use your Neuropeptide Activator and Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer … have used the Face Finishing Moisturizer and eye treatments and many others. I love the Neuropeptide products. Please guide me on how to start a simple skin care routine for both of my adult children. They asked for my help with a skin routine/products. thankyou

  7. I would love to become a Product Tester. I have fair skin with red hair and freckles. Time has not been kind to my skin. When I was younger, I was sun burned many times (this was before sunblock). Now, I stay out of the sun, but the damage has been done. Wrinkles on my cheeks and brown spots are the result.

  8. I’m having WRINKLES on my face because of this i really feel bad sometimes. I’ve been to a few dermatologist and tried various facials , wash , face pack and creams but nothing worked . I’ve always feel very insecure + I dont know what else would work . any help

  9. 30s males, just got over adult chicken pox. Some scars on my face. Looking to try anything to help.


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  12. Please consider using me as a Product Tester. I have sagging skin and wrinkles and just want to look in the mirror and see me again. Not this old wrinkled woman.

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  18. i have oily skin and large pores i am 48 and have been unhappy with all skin care products from clinque, orgins,shesadio,california girl. i would like to try some samples or be a tester i would love to find something that wroks i also have systemic lupus and sometimes have redness on my face.

  19. I’m 74 and this is the first year I have been dissatisfied with the way I look. Hate my neck and just look tired. Need to freshen up without restorting to surgery.

  20. I used Pericone products a couple of years ago but stopped because of the expense. I am 63 years old and my skin is worse. I have enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles. eyes are also showing the age. I saw Dana (?) last night on QVC and she is absolutely beautiful. Her skin glows and lights up the room. Does she wear makeup? I would love for my skin to look 1/2 as good glowing and clear as hers. I want to start the products again , what to use when..

  21. Hi, I am a 53 years old that is agin and my face and my neck needs lots of help. I would love to be dr.’s Perricone tester. Thank you!!!!

  22. I am 13 years old. I have had VERY bad acne since the end of fifth grade. It has completely covered my chest and back, and my face is also pretty bad too. I never want to go to pool parties anymore or go tubing with my friends because they always stare at my terrible acne. It embarrases me to go out anymore. I have tried some of the best known products, but they still do not work. I would LOVE to test your product. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  23. I am 48 years old and use many of the products in the Perricone line and love it!

  24. [...] helping to hydrate the skin, promote cellular turnover, and smooth the complexion. Like all of Dr. Perricone‘s products, the Cold Plasma is at the helm of some of the most important scientific [...]

  25. Curious as to why the Alpha Lipoic Acid is not longer available.

  26. I was very sceptical about Dr.Perricone 3 days diet even I owned several books, written by him. I tried. The results are amazing and VERY noticeable.Skin is more firm, little wrinkles are disappeared and skin tone is completely different. I will go for 28 day diet. Now I am positive that the results will be great.

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  28. I have suffered with skin problems my entire life. Now I am going into my forties my skin and my body is breaking out like I am a teenager again. I have never tried your products and when searching the internet I kept coming to the website. I would love to sample and test the products. I have very sensitive skin. I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

  29. I’m so disappointed you’re discontinuing a great product like More than Moisture.

  30. ???

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  32. I have tried your products before and I am a real fan but they are often too expensive for me. I am a dietitian and I have great skin. I know that some of it is luck, my grandmother had great skin too, but a lot of it is eating well to promote balance. I think this is along the lines of your anti-inflammatory theory. I haven’t read the book, but it sounds like it is in keeping with the current science. I would love to keep up to date on your newest research. If I can afford the products I will keep using them, but I KNOW I can eat healthy to keep young so I can’t wait to hear what you are thinking of doing next.

  33. Would love to be a Dr. Perricone tester! I am a 54 year old female with good skin. Due to age my frown and laugh lines are more prominent. The skin under my chin lacks firmness and the dark circles under my eyes make me appear tired. I want my skin to be youthful again. Want to brighten the skin around my eyes. SOS!

  34. I am a 45 year old female with the skin like a 60 year old. I have very thin saggy skin and I hate being around anybody because I feel like everyone is looking at my skin. I am very skeptical about things I read on the internet, but I would really really love to be a tester to see if anything could help me feel normal again, feel at least my age and not 60. If it works you should really be able to tell on me so I would be great for before and after results.

  35. I’m a 48 year old man with great skin and want to keep it that way that’s why I would love to be a Perricone tester. Please pick me…… Thanks Daniel

  36. Please help, I suffer with celiac disease among other things. But this is my main concern. I am a Cosmetologist who no longer works in the field that I Love,as I feel that I need to be an advocate for a great line of products that can address my concerns and others. I believe that this problem is a growing one. I Know that the flaking on my face is another sign of internal inflammation. I would Love to work with a gluten free line of products and get the word out about them. Also could you please make what products that are gluten free, clearer to read. Thank You .


  37. I have been using Dr. Perricone’s Neuropeptide Facial Cream and Face Finishing Moisturizer off and on for the past three years. These products are awesome!! They instantly lift my skin, improve the wrinkles on my face and make my face look radiant. I also use the Dr.’s No Foundation Foundation. I get so many compliments on my skin. I also noticed my freckles and other imperfections have disappeared. I would recommend to every woman. I would love to have the opportunity to be a product tester. Hope to hear from you soon.

  38. Which of your products are safe to use during pregnancy?

  39. As I just turned 50 I am interested in Products that may help my skin stay in “shape” and would like to test some of your products as I am always curious when I see you and Dr. Dinese on QVC and cannot decide.
    Thank you

  40. I am looking forward to starting on your line of fine products. I have olive skin and brown spots. I have tried numerous products to no avail. I am hoping that your products due what I’ve heard they do, transform my skin back to its radiant self. I just finish reading “Forever Young”, great powerful information and you explain everything so it makes sense to anyone reading it. Thank you Dr Perricone.

  41. Soon to be 35 and suffering from enlarged pores fine lines around my eyes and mouth, I would like to sample your products and review them on my YouTube channel. You can find me at (BellaAdriannaXoxo ) on YouTube. Hope to hear from you…

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