A Wrinkle or Two: How to Treat Eye Wrinkles

Eye wrinkles are a skin concern almost everyone eventually has to deal with. In fact, approximately 57% of people will have their first wrinkle in the orbital area. And although some say wrinkles are a sign of wisdom, most people see them as nothing more than unwanted signs of age.

Wrinkles appear when collagen and elastin in the skin diminishes. This causes the skin to loosen and lose elasticity, causing folds and lines. A better understanding of what causes wrinkles has led to technological strides in both limiting new wrinkle formation and in improving the appearance of existing lines.

Read on for more information on this condition and ways to treat.

This article will discuss:

  • First appearance of eye wrinkles
  • Origin of crows feet
  • Ways to treat

The Origin of Crow’s Feet

Whether you call them crow’s feet or laugh lines, you’ll likely notice the first signs of eye wrinkles during your mid-20s. They take the form of fine lines that branch outwards from the outer corner or curve below the eye. They’re the result of years of smiling, squinting, and frowning.

Crow’s feet appear when the underlying structures of the skin become damaged due to the a loss of collagen and elastin. This makes skin less flexible and less able to regain its smooth shape after movement

Slower cell replication in the lower layers of the skin is another factor. As with many other conditions, genetics can play a role in how old you are when cell replication slows down. Cells divide on a continual basis, but aging slows down the cell division process. When this happens in the orbital area, it increases the chance of crow’s feet appearing.

Other Causes of Eye Wrinkles

Along with genetics and the deterioration of collagen and elastin, there are other factors at work in eye wrinkle formation.

One is a lack of moisture in the top layers of skin. The skin around the eye area is among the thinnest and most sensitive on the face, and is thus prone to dehydration. When skin under the eye becomes dehydrated and dry, it creases more easily. This creates fine lines or a sagging appearance.

Another contributing factor to wrinkle development is UV radiation. Too much sun contributes to changes of skin texture. It causes free radical damage to cells and speeds up collagen degeneration, further weakening the skin’s ability to snap back after stretching. This in turn causes deep wrinkles.

Wrinkles can also develop due to stress. Due to the hormone cortisol, high stress levels affect not just the mind, but also the body. Large amounts of cortisol can cause serious damage to the body, including weight gain, and is considered a leading cause of premature aging.

Ways to Treat Eye Wrinkles

To control the presence of wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eye, look to Dr. Perricone’s eye care line.

The High Potency Eye Lift helps to tighten and lift the skin around the eye. A key ingredient, pycnogenol, can renew collagen while also brightening the skin. It works to support healthy cell production, resulting in a toned and radiant glow.

For the most severe lines and wrinkles, the Neuropeptide Eye Area Contour is an even more advanced choice. It uses proprietary neuropeptide technology to fight sagging, deep lines, and crepiness and deliver more toned and resilient skin. It is also equipped with phospholipids, natural lipids that work to strengthen the membrane while rehydrating dry areas and keeping moisture in the skin.

These products are designed to help repair and restore the eye skin where age shows first. They treat both early and more advanced signs of aging, while helping to prevent future damage. For some of the best results, use them together as part of a daily skin care regimen.


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  1. Good eyewear, such as Amani sunglasses also provide much needed protection from sun and glare. Although this does not diminish the lines around the eyes, does reduce the squint and with additional aid, such as “perricones” treatments we may just delay the onset of wrinkles with age.

  2. please consider me as a testor

  3. I’m all for the eye treatment (my smile crinkles don’t make me smile anymore!) but do you have any products with UV protection. I’d like to be able to go outside without worrying that the sun is going to make these eye wrinkles worse!

  4. I truly would love to try this product. I have notice tiny eye wrinkles beginning to appear in the last year or so. Need of a great product.

  5. My eye area is showing my age! Please consider me to test Dr. Perricone products.

  6. I have taken care of my skin but still see the effects of aging especially around my eyes.I tried some Perricone products years ago. I really liked them. There has been such advancements made that make this eye cream one that I am going to try.I haven’t heard of the pycnogenol,this sounds exactly what I need,since I need more collagen in my skin.

  7. I am 61 and people tell me I have great skin, but I see the effects of age on it.
    My eyes are really awful with very saggy, droopy upper lids. I would love something that could help with this!
    By the way, I stayed on the Perricone diet for 3 months and took the supplements and it really does make a huge difference in how I look.
    I need to get back to it!

  8. This eye cream sounds like it would definately fit the bill for my eyes. I have wrinkles, undereye bags, dark circles, crows feet.

  9. I like that your eye products prevent future damage too

  10. I am definitely more concerned about eye wrinkles as time goes on. There is a great chasm of difference between smiley eyes of a 20 year old and a 40 year old!
    The lines are instantly recognizable as aging rather than the face’s response to movement. Any product that softens the tightness of the wrinkle or evenly remotely gives the impression of younger skin has my attention (and my dollars!)

  11. Have dreadful eye wrinkles coming up to the big 40 spent too much time under su lamps in my 20s help!!!!
    have sensitive skin so always looking for good products! would the eye care products be worth a try?

  12. I am following the Perricone Prescription Eating Plan. I just started yesturday and I think I notice a difference already!! I would love to try anti-aging skin treatments, focusing on the eye area.