A Face Mask to Reveal Younger Looking Skin

Using a homemade concoction for a face mask is more similar to a science experiment than a spa treatment. Questionable ingredients and a lack of effectiveness make homemade face masks an often useless remedy for the signs of aging and symptoms of skin fatigue.

A ready-made face mask formulated with key ingredients is a simple, beneficial solution.

This article will discuss:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

An important ingredient for a face mask is Alpha Lipoic Acid. It is an antioxidant produced in the body that fights against skin-damaging free radicals, which are a result of food being metabolized or exposure to the sun and pollutants. Alpha Lipoic Acid possesses the unique trait of being both fat- and water-soluble unlike other antioxidants.

In regard to skin care and its role in a face mask, Alpha Lipoic Acid holds a great deal of anti-aging potential. During the aging process, skin cells lose the capacity to regenerate as effectively. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to regenerate skin cells and protect the genetic information within skin cells; this can prevent and combat wrinkles as well as other signs of aging.

Olive Oil Polyphenols

Another effective antioxidant that helps to slow the aging process is the polyphenols in olive oil. The most important polyphenol in olive oil is hydroxytyrosol, which works to stabilize the cell membrane and protect it from the free radical damage that causes lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

In addition repairing and preventing skin damage, olive oil polyphenols hydrate the skin which helps skin maintain a youthful appearance.


The antioxidant commonly known as Vitamin E, tocotrienol defends and protects lipids against free radical damage that is a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollutants, and other sources of free radicals. This is essential in slowing the aging process because lipids are the building blocks of cell membranes, and if cell membranes are damaged, wrinkles and other signs of aging result.

Hydrating Nutrient Mask

Although not all of the aforementioned ingredients can be easily found and processed into a face mask in your kitchen, there is a ready-made face mask that can be applied at home that utilizes these key sciences and ingredients to improve skin’s functioning, appearance, and overall health.

Dr. Perricone’s Hydrating Nutrient Mask is a rich, moisturizing mask that contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Olive Oil Polyphenols, and Tocotrienols.

When applied to the face and neck once a week, these ingredients work synergistically to:

  • Protect skin cells
  • Increase skin cell regeneration
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Nourish and hydrate the skin
  • Improve overall health of skin
  • Produce a radiant glow
  • Refine skin texture and reduce pore size

The Hydrating Nutrient Mask allows you to forget the science experiment, but not the science involved in properly treating your skin.

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  9. Hello. I’m in my early 40′s and I have pretty good skin. My family laughed at me last month, I got a horrible haircut(she cut my bangs too short), and everybody told me I looked like I was in the 5thn grade. I’m always recognized and told I havent changed a bit from high school. Anyway, I dont have many wrinkles or lines (I’m sure they are on the way) and I have normal skin. I do have acne breakouts but just with my cycle. My reason for wanting to become a tester is for my sunspots. I’m a redhead and do have freckles. I love the sun and tan very nicely believe it or not. (A redhead with a tan!!) But I am getting horrible sunspots and I have been told by different people that there is nothing that can be done is that true and do you have any suggestions on what to do or any product to help? Thank you for your time. I have used your products and they really do make your skin feel wonderful.

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