48-Hour Perricone Special Value!

Perricone is offering a 48-hour special discount, a $438 value, for only $195.

This special offer includes 4 products that 90% reported helped skin feel more radiant:
Concentrated Restorative Treatment
Advanced Face Firming Activator
Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum

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  1. I have been a Perricone fan for the last 10 years. I would love to become a tester as I am very aware of the benefits of good skincare products.

  2. I am about to become 67 years old and have tried just about every product on the market! I have finally become aware that I cannot fight nature, but maybe can keep it from demonstrating itself on my face! I am slender, and enjoy an socially and somewhat physically active life. I have read about Dr. Perricone’s products and have seen many of them demonstrated on QVC…unbelieveable! I so much want to try them, but the expense has kept me from it. I know they are worth every dime if they provide results, but I would need to sample them before making costly purchases. I am now at that age where I need to watch every penny! I would love to be selected to test products that would help curb the effects of facial aging. Currently I am using Dr. Denese’s products, but I can not honestly see much improvement over a couple of years of use. Please consider my request to test. Thank you!!

  3. I’ve heard great things about Perricone products! Would love to be part of a testing/review panel.

  4. I love Advanced Eye Area Therapy. I noticed a difference after one day. After 2 days of use I didn’t need under eye concealer. My dark circles were gone. I never would’ve believed it if I hadn’t tried it!

  5. that is a great deal for anyone who cares about beauty