3 Signs You Need Skin Clear Hydrator

Have breakouts? Get just what the doctor ordered. Skin Clear Hydrator is an oil-free moisturizer, ideal for acne-prone skin.

If you are experiencing the following 3 skin symptoms, then you may be in need of Skin Clear Hydrator.

  1. Clogged pores
  2. Acne breakouts
  3. Dryness

Clogged Pores

Clogged pores, or comedones, are either incompletely clogged with blackened dust (blackheads) or completely clogged with debris (whiteheads).

If you have clogged pores, wash your face with cleanser and warm water to loosen dirt and oils. Follow with Skin Clear Hydrator.

Formulated with lactic acid to slough cells from skin surface, Skin Clear Hydrator prevents dead skin cells from building up and clogging pores.

Acne results from worsened clogged pores.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Acne Breakouts

Acne commonly appears on the face and shoulders, but may occur elsewhere on the body.

Symptoms of acne include:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Pustules and redness around skin eruptions
  • Cysts
  • Scarring of the skin

When a pore becomes clogged (either as a whitehead or blackhead), if it ruptures, the oil and bacteria from the pore can spread to the surrounding area. This can cause an inflammatory reaction, which if deep in your skin, may form painful cysts.

By helping your pores avoid becoming clogged, Skin Clear Hydrator prevents acne.


If experiencing acne, do not overtreat to the point of dryness. If you overwash for example, the body produces more oil in an attempt to replace it.

Skin Clear Hydrator is formulated especially for oily skin with allatoin, which helps to reduce surface debris while relieving dryness and increasing skin’s natural moisture. Meanwhile, lactic acid prevents dry skin.

By preventing and treating dryness, Skin Clear Hydrator helps to prevent acne-causing clogged pores.

Have you experienced any of these signs lately?

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  1. Hi there, my name is Sahm and I’m very interested in all of your acne treatments, but I’m writing because I would like to tell you why I’m so excited about the Skin Clear Hydrator, the possibility to try it at such a great price. I was a RN for almost twenty yrs and my career came to a screeching halt due to a very unexpected &very serious injury sustained at work. I had undergone Multi multi #’s of surgeries and now I am disabled due to the multiple injuries from the accident and other illness. Since all this has taken place I have also lost my beloved Grand Parents and my two amazing 16 yr old dogs, as well as, my boyfriend who was the true love of my life since we were kids. All this (& quite a bit more), has caused an enormous amount of stress to say the least. I also and missing all of my teeth except my top front 6 which were crowned, and I have about 5 lower teeth that are so broken off and jagged that I cannot take in proper nutrition without great difficulty and pain. My complexion has seriously taken a dive in the last 8 months to a year because on top of everything else, I’ve been diagnosed with a high likelihood of having Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, but no one does the ERCP W/ Manometry here in New Mexico so my skin is suffering terribly from my body basically rejecting and not metabolizing any food I do manage to get down. Is this not the craziest story you’ve ever heard? Unfortunately it is real and with my skin looking like a Bear mauled it from this horrible acne it depresses me even more. I would give just about anything to have a beautiful complexion!! I’m going to be 50 yrs old in early June and it would be Ssooo great to have my skin looking good and feeling great again. What a dream come true that would truly be. Thank You so very much for your time in reading my story, I just have to tell you, I’m about to run out of the “Outpatient Therapy, Pore Refining Therapy” which is a superb product. If you would happen to know what you have now that would be equivalent to it I would greatly appreciate it. Thank sssooo very very much for your time and care. Have a great day and I hope to hear from you guys soon. Take Good Care,
    Very Sincerely, Sahm

  2. I am soooo disgusted! Im 61 years old & 25 days ago, stopped eating sugar. I am breaking out terribly & thats rather an embarassment at 61. I have been using perricone products for the past year with no problems & am currently using face firming activator & face finishing moisturizer. Ive had acne all my life but in recent years, since menopause, its cleared up mostly. If your acne product can work on an old gal, without drying me up, count me in!

  3. I am a 45-year-old female experiencing both acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and loss of firmness. I have never been a sun worshiper, I don’t drink or smoke etc. In the past month my pores have become so large that nothing I do shrinks them. I’ve tried steaming facials, masks, acne products for adults, and home microdermabrasion. Nothing is working. Perricone products look promising and I would like to test them out.

  4. I am 34 and have spots and lines, cant seem to find a cream that helps both? Can you help?

  5. I am 32 and have worse skin than I ever did as a teenager. I break out with pimples that I am presuming are cystic. The pimples are EXTREMELY painful and scar my face. I have tried many products and am just unsure of exactly what I need for my face!

  6. I have always been prone to break outs, and at 34 years old, enough is enough. After 20 years of suffering the humiliation of acne, I now have lines on top of it. I have fine lines around my eyes and deeper ones on my forhead. It seems, however, that products that help with wrinkles exacerbate my adult acne. Is there a product that will help both? I will test any product if it will help!

  7. I am a 39 year old male and I have suffered with acne for over 20 years. I avoid social activities often, as my skin condition depresses me to no end. I have seen many dermatologists in my life and most have stated diet is not a contributing factor to acne. As an acne sufferer for so many years I know different. I was fortunate enough to see Dr. Perricone briefly in Connecticut many years ago. I have brief periods of clear skin, but then massive outbreaks which can often be cystic. I have been on cycles of antibiotics for nearly 2 decades, and I worry what damage this has done to me internally. Acne has literally ruled my life and causes not only emotional pain, but physical pain as well. As I get older my skin shifts from oily and outbroken to chronically dry and outbroken. I don’t know where else to turn, and could desparately use Dr. Perricone’s help.

  8. I have sensitive acne prone skin. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have tried a lot of products, but none work well for me. Some are too drying whereas others irritate my skin.

    I would love to try your products in hopes to find one that I can stick with to help me with clearing my skin.

  9. I have two of your book and love you idea’s
    but your prices little on the high side….Im a single mom of two young boys I have never used your product or have ever ate the right types of foods and Im 42 and look 30 yrs old but want to keep it so Im going to order DMAE pills and Plpha Lipoic Acid pill to keep it

  10. It’s funny how in my teenage years I never experienced acne at all, but once I enter my 20′s blemishes started to appear. Since then I’ve only used one product and made my acne a lot worst which made me scared to try new products. I’m 25 now and for 5 yrs i haven’t seen my face clear that’s why I would love to be a tester and try your products.

  11. I ahve suffered from acne all through my childhood years, and now into adulthodd (I’m 28). It’s embarassing and I’ve tried almost every product out there. I would love to test ths product and see if it is the answer I have been searching for!

  12. I am 35 and still suffer from cyctic acne breakouts. I tried Accutane in my early 20′s, however, even that was only a temporary fix. I just purchased two of Dr. Perricone’s books looking for some help! I would love to try something more holistic and natural to help relieve this acne that continues to leave red scars on my face…. help!! :)