3 Important Things Lip Plumpers Can Do For You

Dr. Perricone wants everyone to look and feel their best. He knows that one important aspect of feeling youthful is the appearance of your face.

And although many put their mouth area treatments in last place, behind treating eyes and other dry patches on their faces, Perricone knows the importance of full, sexy lips. This is why Perricone has a lip plumper that can help you achieve the 3 important things that most women want for their lips.

  1. A Youthful Smile
  2. Soft, Plump Lips
  3. Perfect Contour

A Youthful Smile

As many people age, their top lip begins to disappear, and if you have spent a significant portion of your life smoking or drinking, you may already notice the appearance of wrinkles around the lips because of its thinning. Some of this may have to do with heredity but much of it also has to do with lifestyle choices. Regardless, you can fight the aging signs that become visible around the lip and mouth area as you age.

Perricone lip plumper can reverse your receding lip lines and stop the diminishing flesh that used to be in place of your thinning lips. And unlike many other lip creams, this lip plumper can help minimize fine lines because of its formulation. Its key ingredients include Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

What does Alpha Lipoic Acid do in the lip plumper?

  • Anti-aging antioxidants provide cell protection
  • Diminishes wrinkles, discoloration, and imperfections
  • Resurfaces uneven skin
  • Reduces pore visibility and puffiness

What does DMAE do in the lip plumper?

  • Provides ultimate contouring benefits
  • Delivers lifted and tightened appearance to the skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

This formula ultimately helps restore lips to their more youthful state.

Soft, Plump Lips

In addition to the decrease of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area, Perricone’s lip plumper also imparts beautifully soft lips. Unlike other lip care promises of great winter protection and ultra moisture enrichment, this product not only will help rid your entire mouth area of winter roughage, it will provide you with a soft and kissable pout.

Many lip products only provide moisture, and after being caked on lips so much, lips become dependent and can not produce their own moisture. The reapplication process can hurt lips and make them susceptible to chapping and chaffing.

What is great about the lip plumper is that after applying it once, it continues to moisturize even after it has soaked into the lips, making it unnecessary for constant reapplication.

Perfect Contour

After applying the lip plumper and seeing results, you will also be amazed by its ability to truly contour the entire mouth area. Your lips will be soft and youthful but they will also have a wonderful, enhanced shape. This is because of the lip plumper’s ability to both help minimize fine lines while enhancing your natural lips’ appearance.

Many users are pleased to find that unlike other lip plumpers, this does not sting, which is what causes the inflammation making the lips bigger for other products. Instead, this product will allow your lips to be the fullest they are capable of without the pain. It truly brings out your lips’ full potential instead of looking shriveled which can be common in the winter months.

Check out Perricone’s Lip Plumper to achieve a youthful smile, soft lips, and a perfect contour. Apply all over the mouth area and wear either alone or under your favorite lipstick for equally great results.

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  1. Just turned 50. This years resolution is to become a healthier me- mind/body. Would love to be a tester. Making the second half better than ever.

  2. Plastic surgery will never be an option for me due to cost and risk. The same probably holds true for laser treatments and or peels. I would just like to find a line of products I could use to help my skin look its very best. Your lip treatment really interests me. I have fine lines around my mouth, my lip line (upper and lower) seems to have disappeared. It is very hard for me to wear lipstick because of all of this. I tried the “Amine” product recently, and loved it. It actually felt like it was working and not irrating!! I am anxious to try more but must be very selective due to budget. Over the years ( I am 63) I have tried all the major brands. I would love to become a tester in hopes of helping other women avoid some of the cosmetic/”treatment” “pitfalls” I have experienced. Thanks!

  3. I think this product would help:

    1. My receding lips
    2. The wrinkles aounrd my lips
    3. I am 57 but my lips make me look so much older like my mothers lips who is 83.

  4. Need to try lip plumper. Need my lips to feel soft and not dry all the time.Need them back the way they use to be. Since getting older my lips don’t have that plump anymore. I would love to be a tester.

  5. Hey…wasn’t that you on Dr. Oz today? and didn’t you write the book called the South Beach Diet? I am in the process of doing the Maximized Living Makeover. I am losing weight and of course my skin on my face and neck is starting to sag not to mention all the other places! LOL I sure would love to try testing some of your products. Especially the DMAE products. How about it Y’all?

  6. I’d love to try it because being 40 I’d like to have my dry, capped lips to go away forever. I miss having the kissable lips I had even in my 30′s. I have capped lips all year around and I’d like to get back their fullness and subtle appearance again.

  7. Patricia,
    I know what you mean about regaining confidence and when I look good, I feel good and this product helped me do just that with my face. I have the plumper on and I feel beautiful, it’s such a great pick me up.

  8. [sorry hit that button too soon]
    I have noticed that my lips look dry and have lost their umph – you know the “hi I’m 22 with smooth lips” umph. So I would like to see them have better moisture, the lines be diminished, and yes a little plumper to get my lips back so when I look in the mirror – there’s the umph. I would like to try before dedicating. Could do a before and after photo.

  9. I have noticed my lips look dry and have lost their umph! Would love to test it out. I think i could be a good before/after!

  10. I have noticed my lips looking and feeling thinner than I am comfortable with. I need a product that will add the plump back into my smile. I would be happy to test your product to see if the plump will resurface and the smile will again be a full smile.

  11. The top three things I can think of, have my fuller more youthfull lips back. 2 eliminate lines around mouth that keep me from wearing some of my fave colors of lipstick. 3 Regain my confidence.

  12. I’ve tried everything to help with the wrinkles around my lips…haven’t found that magic potion yet…hopefully this is it!!

  13. A youthful smile!
    Soft plump lips!
    perfect Contour!


  14. Hi Dr. Perricone
    My lips are always dry and chapped. I need something to put moisture back in my lips. I want them to look natural and plump. Not that over bloated fake look. I must of over several dozen lip balms and lip ointments, so far I haven’t found what my lips need. I would love to try your product out.
    Thank you,

  15. I would absolutely adore to be a product tester. Any amount of skin woes you can number, I possess. Stepping in front of the mirror in the morning I open my eyes slowly and one at a time in hopes that no new miseries await to deform my visage. I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate the opportunity.

  16. I would love to try a lip plumper that can also smooth and reduce fine lines. I’ve tried so many other lip treatments but have always been disappointed–instead of helping, they usually leave my lips chapped and sore. I know Perricone’s other products deliver amazing results, but given my bad luck with similar lip treatments I’d hesitate to buy it–I’d much rather test it first!